iOS 5 Rumor Roundup

With the WWDC set in less than 12 hours, I have decided to make a rumor round-up of what to expect in the upcoming update of iOS: iOS5

1) better notification system and widgets:

The iOS’ notification system has been the center of criticism since it was implemented. Many felt it was intrusive and not practical. Moreover, many feel the interface has gotten bland after 4 years of looking at pretty much the same home screen design. iOS 5 is expected to introduce a better notification system, as well as widgets, such as the weather app updating it’s icon (yes, I’m sick of seeing it sunny when it’s snowing outside).

2) Deep Twitter integration

With twitter launching its own photo-sharing service in the coming weeks, Apple is expected to integrate twitter in all sides of its upcoming iOS. It will allow users to share things directly from the iPhone/iPad/iPod touch to their twitter accounts.

3) Automatic App updates

A leak with iTunes wording has revealed that Apple is introducing an automatic update system for the apps on the iDevice, which you can turn off. What’s this option supposed to do? Well, as the name implies, it automatically updates your application so you don’t have to constantly check for updates via your iDevice or computer and with iOS being the unparalleled #1 platform when it comes to apps, this would definitely be handy.

4) iDevice Support

As with previous updates, iOS 5 is expected to have certain options not available for the iPhone 3GS and the third generation iPod touch. The iPhone 4, iPad and iPad 2 should have all iOS options available to them, as well as the upcoming iDevice updates, set to come in September.

Apple will also introduce the final version of the new Mac OS: OSX Lion, along with its new service: iCloud, which will allow users to stream purchased music via 3G or wireless, without syncing them to their device.

Regardless of what actually comes true, for any Apple fan, the WWDC is a very exciting time because it shows what this ingenious company is up to. And it’s always great!

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