Crest Arabia: Spread a Smile?

Crest Arabia has recently launchedan online campaign called “Spread The Smile.”

Some of you may remember a campaign centered around “smiles” by Crest last year, where we had to vote for some of our female friends in their quest to be voted as person with the best smile. But no matter, the premise this year is quite different and more engaging: Instead of voting for the prettiest smile, you’d be voting for the person who made you smile the most, be it because of a joke they posted, a picture or even a video.

Upon liking their page and checking the leaderboard, I was surprised to see that almost none of the top-voted entries are actually creative. Most of them are pictures of babies looking cute. And what’s worse, none are funny.

I had to dig among the videos and pictures to find ones that made me smile. When it came to the text submissions, the corniness shone through. There’s one submission, with over 2000 votes, which goes like this:

“i wanna tell you a story
simply……. smile to everyone
no thing deserve ….life is short and at the same time it’s so good 🙂 :)”

If you think this is straight out of a tweet by Elissa, it’s highly possible she might have said it as some point.

Among other text entries, you have one with over 1730 votes that says: “Go east go west Oral B and Crest are the BEST” – what are we now, first graders?

Come on people, is this the best you can do?

The campaign is creative, to be honest. The involvement in it that I’ve seen so far? Pitiful.

If you think you can do better you can still enter the competition, which ends on March 31st. You might as well come up with a Lebanese Meme and submit it, it’ll still be better than the stuff getting votes, regardless of how overdone you think memes have become.

You can check out the Crest Arabia Facebook page here and the Spread The Smile competition here.

14 thoughts on “Crest Arabia: Spread a Smile?

  1. All of the submissions I saw were lame so I didn’t vote for anyone. Too bad one of those babies will get a trip to New York apparently.


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