Missiles From Israel With Love? Not Really. The Signature is Lebanese

Do you remember back in 2006 when we were outraged at the images of Israeli girls writing on the missiles their army was about to hit us with?

In case you don’t remember the pictures, here they are:

From Israel to Lebanon… with love? Guess again.

The missiles that Israel might potentially hit us with in the case of another war won’t be manufactured by Israelis only. There’s a Lebanese who will be helping them as well. Her name is Arzeh Haddad. She’s the daughter of Saad Haddad, one of the founders of  “Jeish Lahd” whose members fled to Israel with the liberation of South Lebanon in 2000 . She was just awarded her second Masters degree in rocket science from a university in Haifa.

This is Arzeh

Born in 1981, 3 years before the death of her father, she fled to Israel in 2000 with the liberation of the South. She told Israeli newspapers that she doesn’t remember much of her father but she’s positive she got his ambition and determination. She feels that Israel is her home but that doesn’t mean she would never think about going back to Lebanon. She just has no “current plans” of returning. In fact, she said in another interview that if she had stayed in Lebanon, her life would have been much worse. She pities those living there. Lebanon isn’t a place she’d want to live in.

Well, f*** her.

Her research has been centered around a new propeller engine for missiles that can target land targets. The engine will allow missiles to travel long distances much faster, which lets warplanes carrying these missiles not approach their targets in order to destroy them.

The Haddad family is living off paychecks they receive from the Israeli army. Their mother, Therese, had the following to say: “We loved Israel and defended it against anyone who badmouthed it. We came to Israel and we love Israel. We are Israelis. But Lebanon is in our hearts.”

How’s Lebanon in their hearts precisely? Yes, with each missile they send our way, they’re sending it with copious amounts of love.

When it comes to treason, there are varying degrees. There are those who leak sensitive information which may or may not lead to something tangible. There are those who do so under threats. And there are those, like Arze, who do so with conviction, whole-heartedly manufacturing the weapons that will kill Lebanese children, women and men. I tried to process the question of how could she fathom doing this to her own people? But then I realized that Lebanon is not her people. The only thing Lebanese about her is her name, which translates to Cedar, and she might as well change that to Nejmeh (star) because Arzeh is way above someone like her.


16 thoughts on “Missiles From Israel With Love? Not Really. The Signature is Lebanese

  1. Hey bro, I read your blog fromt time to time but rarely comment because I usually agree with the content.
    However today I think you over dramatized the issue and put it out of context.

    In no way am I defending Israel and I agree that “F*** anyone” who even thinks of firing bullets to Lebanese soil….however your assumption that Arzeh Haddad is one of the reasons for that is an illogical and unfair conclusion.

    Many people try to portray her father as a traitor……the real traitors are those who deny the poor lebanese who had to flee to Israel for safety from palestinian militias as well as extremist lebanese parties.

    Do you know that jeych la7ed consisted of 65% Shiaa?
    I am just stating this fact to tell you that all Lebanese people who were dying in the south had only one means to revert to and it was, unfortunately, Israel.

    If Arzeh is a bright young girl who has degrees in rocket science from a country that welcomed her and provided her with necessary means of life compared to her original country which refused to accept her very precense….should we really be judging her?!

    Do you really think that Israel’s horrid foreign policy is not the one to blame for the bombs but the great intellect of one of their students who happens to be lebanese?!
    Do you think she would enjoy the idea of having these rockets targeting her own country?

    If your town consisted of assholes claiming that your father was a traitor and that you were not even worthy of life…..would it be a country “you would prefer to live in”?
    I think its good that she even considers returning one day!

    Again bro…..fuck Israel’s foreign policy in all sort of ways….i will second that!
    But let’s try to be more realistic in our assumptions and a bit respectful to those who had to flee their country for survival and are up till this day denied the right to ever set foot in it again.


    • Didn’t she think that one of her missiles might blow the head of someone she uses to know?! That that missile will hit the land where she grew up and spent her childhood?!
      Let her do whatever she wants there but she could have chosen a different job! Because chosing to do what she is doing now is what’s making me call her traitor!


    • I think you put my whole post out of context. She fled Lebanon because of certain reasons, obviously. As did all of the jeish la7d members. But this is not the point of this. It’s not even close. I’m not addressing why they left. I’m talking about what some of them are doing there.

      If some had, as you said, left forcibly and loved Lebanon and wanted to come back but the situation didn’t let them, then you’d expect them not to make weapons that would kill the land and the people they want to go back to.

      In no way am I addressing the situation of Lebanese in Israel. In fact, I believe the last paragraph expresses my sentiment regarding the matter. Some became traitors because they had to – regardless of sect (I didn’t talk about sects here to begin with). Some people, like Arzeh, do so because they are convinced with Israel, which I quoted some of her interviews to show.

      I don’t get how you can rationalize what she’s doing as a bright Lebanese who was given the chance to shine in Israel. Couldn’t she have shone in doing something other than help make weapons that will ultimately kill us?

      There are certain things, such as this one, that transcend a person’s political opinion and I’m pretty sure you know what’s mine. But I, as a Lebanese, cannot fathom how a person like Arzeh can actually be defended. What she’s doing isn’t the cause of the conflict, obviously. She’s not the only one making weapons to be used against the Lebanese. But her effect is much more worrying than an Israeli doing the weapons because she should have, at least, some empathy for the country she spent at least 16 years in.


  2. “In fact, she said in another interview that if she had stayed in Lebanon, her life would have been much worse. She pities those living there. Lebanon isn’t a place she’d want to live in.”

    I would like to comment only on this. If she were in Lebanon, I don’t think she would be anything but another “Where to go clubbing?” type of woman. Do we have rocket scientist in Lebanon? We only brag who’s a better plastic surgeon.
    And look at us, all of us ambitious young Lebanese, what is our achievements limit?What recent breakthrough have we got to? We figured out how to get 3G? (if there is any, I’m willing to admit I am wrong and get informed)

    Back to the subject, I agree that there is something mish rekeb here. It is not right to work for those killing Lebanese and still have the Lebanese pride. But at least she admits she doesnt belong to Lebanon anymore. What is pitiful is those with Lebanese belonging and nationality and working on destroying Lebanon. That is (in my opinion) the treason.


    • There are many Lebanese getting places and doing things. A Lebanese was recently appointed head of the BMW research facility in Germany. We brag about our people reaching places and doing things. We’re not bragging out of nothing because we are going places.

      Saying that she’d be a clubbing woman in Lebanon is an oversimplification in my opinion. It’s as if you’re saying all Lebanese women have no ambition but to go to clubs, which is demeaning. Sure, Lebanon has a lot of problems that need to be sorted out. But the view you expressed is stereotypical at best. Half of my med school class is women. Two of those women will rank as #1 and #2 this year. And what’s more interesting? They both go clubbing and have fun. One does not negate the other.

      Arzeh, along with her family, say Lebanon is in their hearts. How could that be while she’s making the weapons that’s killing Lebanese? And note that she spent 16 years of her life here.


      • About the last sentence, I already mentioned those 2 ma byerkabo ma3 ba3d. But I will still insist on the fact that our ambitions and dreams are locked in the 10452 land. Lebanese have reached a lot of reputable positions and did great achievements, but most of them while being in a country other than Lebanon.

        I meant being stereotypical in my reply to emphasize on the fact that she might not have had her chance to shine here, and end up throwing it all in a drawer and go clubbing (not that there is anything wrong with clubbing and having fun. But having it as a life decision is an indication that nothing else matters and that would be the biggest decision we get involved in)

        I really wish all of those working hard (and those still running to graduate) get to achieve their ambitions, and best of it all, in their home countries that should support them and push them forward, not to the foreign embassies, airports and off the cliffs.


        • Your dreams and ambitions aren’t locked anywhere. Some people make it in Lebanon. Others search outside. There’s nothing wrong in either. What’s wrong is searching in a state your country deems as an enemy.

          If Arzeh had worked hard enough, there’s no telling what she could have done in Lebanon. I’m pretty sure she would have gotten somewhere because she is a bright young woman.


      • I believe that most Lebanese who made it in technology, depended on education abroad or research funded from abroad. The Lebanese who was appointed head of the research facility of BMW is a Lebanese Canadian, which means he either grew up there or was born there. That does not deny the fact that he is Lebanese, but no a Lebanese born and raised in Lebanon, one who had to live with lack of education planning, in a culture where the klashinkov is more appreciated than a book or a pen.
        True, one can make it in Lebanon, but let us face it, where are the research centers and grovernmental planning harnessing those talents and providing opportunities for those bright minds? Most of the Lebanese who have those abilities , which are many, are having to look for funding and adoption from foreign agencies.

        Besides, going back to Arzeh, I would never do what she is doing but remember that she unconsciously, she might have some hatred for the Lebanese government for not accepting her family back. Who knows? She obviously hates the resistance in the south and feels that this is her way of making them pay, you never know….And she is not designing the missiles solely to be used against Lebanon, she ended up in research….

        If we are going to Judge Arzeh, we should as well judge every Lebanese militia man in Lebanon. These people live in the same neighbourhood and still kill each other intentionally.


  3. Guys she created a damn propellar engine!!
    If she works in a steel factory….they are gona say the steel she is manufacturing is used for bullets that might be fired on Arabs.
    If she works in a clothing factory….they are gona say she sews clothes worn by the Israeli army who can invade Lebanon in any moment.

    I am even surprised why she hasn’t conducted 3 years of military service with them since that is the rule there!

    Point being is I hate the fact that she is even there to begin with!
    So the solution is addressing the reason for this instead of blaming her on whatever she grew up to be in the society that we put her in and refusing to let her out off!

    PS: “Transend a political opinion”…..who the fuck is talking about politics…..FPMers fromJezzine have more people in Israel than you think….This is has nothing to do with politics…..this has to do with us having a retarded society that turns judgmental on our asses after claiming that they do not want anything to do with us….


    • I’m pretty sure no one would have overreacted if she were working in those other domains. But she made a propeller engine especially for military missiles to travel great distances in short amounts of time. The missiles have been approved by the army as well.

      We all hate the fact that many Lebanese are in Israel with no way of returning but that’s no excuse for them doing whatever they’re doing over there, especially when it comes to such a thing. That’s the way I see it.

      And no, Arzeh is, as far as I’m concerned, Lebanese and I didn’t judge her until this.


  4. Well she could probably pick a whole lot of research projects with her intelligence, so no need to make weapons. Her story reminds me of this French movie (WW2) of a young guy who tries to join the resistance but is denied by them, so he joins the collaborators to avenge on those who rejected him. Meanwhile he is completely in love with a woman he is supposed to hunt down. He gets killed by the resistance by the way.

    I have met a Lebanese-Israel chef who didn’t spoke much, he wasn’t in the SLA but some other group, and from his point of view the Lebanes government never did a thing to grant them amnesty, while before that they never (couldn’t) did a thing to protect him. That wouldn’t justify him becoming part of some death squad unit dropped in South Lebanon of course.

    About the army, if these Lebanese are full Israeli citizens they will have to join the army. The army is compulsory for Jews, Circassians and Druze, but also for non-Arab citizenship holders. Which includes Lebanese in this context. I might be wrong though.

    My sympathies lie elsewhere but I would be equally angry about her actions. And I find het choice of profession unacceptable. She should do something life-saving or work towards coexistence, given her background.

    By the way, those girls are from Kiriyat Shemona, a stone’s throw away from Lebanon. They lived in bomb shelters for some time while their friends were evecuated. All they know is Hezbollah made them live in bomb shelters. Shame on their parents of course for doing this. Although their parents were young when Arab militants infiltrated the border and killed an entire family in a house in Kiriyat Shemona, and in another time killed tourists on a Kibbutz while spray-painting the walls with “we love to die as you love to live”. And those terrorist attacks were a result of the Cairo Agreement. That agreement wouldn’t have been there if Israel didn’t kick the Palestinians into Jordan of course… Where do you want the cycle of hatred to begin? Those girls are a product of not just their parents’ bigotry, but equally much of what the PLO and their Arab enablers did to their families back then. Apologies for dedicating half of my post to just the pictures, my knee-jerk response was to post a picture of a Palestinian kid drabbed in a suicide vest, but that would have been too cliché.


  5. I vehemently reject this aforementioned notion “f***her”
    No sir fuck you and that piece of shit country called Lebanon and more importantly fuck it apathetic people.



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