[NSFW] Sex: The New Food of Instagram

It is common knowledge that the most shared types of pictures of Instagram are those of meals. Be it their lunch, dinner or breakfast, people just love to snap pictures of their food, apply some filter on it and share it for the whole world to see. I don’t have a problem with that but it has become a running joke with many.

But there’s a new type of “food” that’s making its way around Instagram. And you’ll know what I mean once you see this picture:

I guess we can say someone has been all tied up in the matters of breakfast.

This makes my Instagram pictures (example 1 and example 2) look very mundane. I don’t post much but I cannot begin to fathom sharing any sexual exploits there. I guess I’m too conservative for that. But whatever floats one’s boat.



9 thoughts on “[NSFW] Sex: The New Food of Instagram

  1. Man, this kind of stuff belongs in the bedroom.

    Or the kitchen, or the living room, or the shower or in the garden. I personally wouldn’t share this, but I already like this picture more than pictures of fashion acquisitions. By the way I think the responses would be much different if the tables were turned.

    For those offended, I sell flags of the sex couple’s nationality.


      • I would have worked man, it just wouldn’t be a pleasant sight. No, I sell American, Danish and Israeli flags for a fair price. Large orders come with free lighters. The excess profit goes to a fund for threatened artists and scarcely dressed women. It’s a perpetual cycle of hateful profit =) I figured this picture could offend some people, though I haven’t shared it yet 😉

        Well I kinda did, my girlfriend liked it. But I’ll get back to you once I found an offended person.

        Your posts, well maybe besides stuff about lyrics, are usually coupled with a reference to trends in society. So what do you think about this? Discourage it? Ban it? Use it as part of the biology curriculum?


        • Healthy business you got there. Put me up for an order of American flags. Gotta start schmoozing up from now 😛
          No lighters though!

          My lyrics post are refreshing. They get a ton of hits and no drama. Isn’t that awesome? So I do them occasionally to light up the mood.

          I think the post itself is a sort of satire, which you picked up on in your subsequent comment 😛


      • *I = it (in the first sentence).

        You know the figurative usage of “food” in the context of instagram is pretty hilarious considering the picture. Was this intended?



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