Myriam Klink’s “Klink Revolution” Has A Music Video

Do you remember that Myriam Klink who goes by queen Myriam Klink of Klinkistan these days has a new song which was released last week?

Well, that song now has a music video to go with it. Lara Kay is definitely jealous and rolling in her kitchen sink right now. Literally. For those who couldn’t go through the song, maybe this would be enough for you to pull through?

You can always mute and watch. It won’t make any difference.


5 thoughts on “Myriam Klink’s “Klink Revolution” Has A Music Video

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  2. ma tkhell bel adeb,hahahahahhahahah,yrou7 yballit l ba7er Chegevara w Leneen w kill hal 3alam li 3emlo el sawrat,this is the reall sawra,bass ma tkhell bel adeb hiyyeeeeeeee l jemle li 7fozta,hahahhhahahha



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