The Israeli Aircrafts Invading Lebanon’s Airspace

Israeli warplanes have been invading Lebanon’s airspace ever since I can remember. Most of us are used to them and their sound. Many get angry when they see them patrolling our skies. Others have simply grown accustomed to tuning them out.

What do our governments do regarding those aircrafts? They complain to the U.N. Because that’s the only thing we can do.

Over the past few days, the frequency of the breaches of Lebanon’s airspace by our Southern enemy has been dramatically increasing. The jets have been flying at a lower altitude than usual. And still our country hasn’t done anything. I guess addressing the issue is redundant at this point.

We send out drones. They send out jets. Tit-for-tat.

I have to wonder: how many more breaches of Lebanon’s airspace should happen before our country decides to invest in some anti-aircraft weaponry? Are we waiting till we start digging into our oil and gas reserves for that?

However, I may have found the key element into getting our government up in a fit regarding the breaches. Dear Marwan Charbel, the pilot driving that airplane is gay. Are you sure you want to let him in?

Until then, perhaps we should start advertising our airspace as another touristic attraction? It sure sounds like one.



9 thoughts on “The Israeli Aircrafts Invading Lebanon’s Airspace

  1. Even if the government wanted to get anti-aircraft weaponry, it can’t. No superpower would sell them to us, since they know that they would target Israeli aircrafts. our army is supposed to be and stay weak. The only country that would sell such a technology is Iran, but I’m sure many people here wouldn’t take it lightly. Maybe Russia and China, but I highly doubt it.

  2. You should be bothered more with the innocent people being slaughtered by your eastern / northern enemy. Or doesn’t this constitute to a problem in your eyes?

    • Oh Jim.. That’s a totally different issue. Whatever the Syrians are doing is not an excuse for israelis to wander in our airspace, steal our water and threaten us whenever they feel like it just because they can erase lebanon in a push of a button. Your reply is pretty silly to be honest

      • Gosh Tweaker, you kinda forget that you host a nice variety of terror groups that attack Israel on a random basis. Kidnapping soldiers and shooting missiles UNPROVOKED is a good ground for them to make sure you have a basic control over yourselves.
        How can they steal your water if the rivers flow from your country to theirs?

        • Huh? Israelis kidnap lebanese shepherds every week. Do you even know that or your mainstream media failed to mention it? Israelis cross the borders whenever they want to scout in Lebanese territories. I’d like to see a lebanese soldier crossing the borders and have a walk in Nahariya. I am no fan of ‘Hizbulla’, but they don’t really shoot missiles unless there is war going on.
          Anyway, it is no excuse for israelis to invade our airspace, and all the countries who claim to be friends of lebanon would not sell the lebanese army the technology needed to hunt their asses down.
          they steal our water by denying us from making use of it, farmers wanted to install a couple of pumps to water their lands and they got threatened, a resort was to be built near the wazzani river, but israelis threatened they’d bomb it and might actually start a war because of it. claiming that it would threat their national security. like we give a rats shit about their national security. they are the bullies of the middle east and everyone has their backs. so please

        • I thought Assad was the bully of the middle east? These comments do not make sense, you are still entangled in the propaganda sold by the Mubaraks of the middle east.

          You said “like we give a rats shit about their national security.”. That is probably the reason for those conflicts. If you respected their right to live in peace, they would have done the same. How come neither Egypt, Jordan, and even until recently Syria never complain? Lebanon should look in the mirror before lashing out.

        • Lebanon is a very small country, I am stating things that happen and everyone who lives here knows that they do, am not giving an opinion so you’d accuse me of being affected by propaganda.
          So in your opinion, it is okay for israelis to do whatever they are doing as long as we don’t have a peace agreement? And as a lebs who have suffered war and instability for the past 40 years because of them, why exactly would I care about their national security? Do they care about mine? I can answer that, they don’t. Using depleted Uranium in wars.. Why am I denied to use my natural resources just because they have more advanced weaponry? They gave us no reason to worry about them if they have enough water or not, so yea, I don’t give a rat’s shit

        • Your issues are mainly driven by your sectarian structure and life-long Syrian intervention. Israel’s occupation was temporal, happen because you fired rockets at Israel and ended almost 15 years ago (apart of the brief Hiz initiated war).
          This kind of attitude is the core reason the Arab World is so messed up. If the Lebs for once focus on their own problems without blaming others you would be in so much better situation, both financially and socially. That’s what grown up countries do.
          And you are a very talented people, there is no reason for you to live like a 3rd world country when you can be like Europe!


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