My name is Elie Fares, recently graduated with a medical degree, and I happen to like writing.

This blog is the space where I vent. You’ll find pieces on Lebanese issues, international issues and some less serious things occasionally.

This blog has been around since 2011. I thank everyone for reading. You’ll find a lot of self-contradictions. I like to think it’s part of my self-growth over the past few years.

If you decide that you need contact me, there’s a specific page for that.

This is reader’s opinion of “A Separate State of Mind:”

I came across many Lebanese blogs last year; “A Separate State of Mind” caught my attention because it was different for a simple reason: while the other blogs focused on the appearance, the use of photographs and the addition of too many links and references, Elie’s blog focused on the content and the elaboration of ideas. Long posts perhaps, yet very expressive, straight to the point and highly readable. This is risky since we belong to society that doesn’t read, but I belong to the minority that loves to read prolonged paragraphs so I was glad to find a Lebanese guy who is as active as Elie. And because of the richness of the posts, the blog managed to become one of the most visited blogs in Lebanon and this was very well deserved. It doesn’t really matter if you agree with him or not, what matters is that he’s writing his opinions, sharing them and allowing you to reply freely. Since my first visit, I became a reader and I instantly subscribed to the blog. Today I like the blog more because the posts are more mature and thoughtful separated by funny, quick and short posts to spice the blog up. “A Separate State of Mind” is certainly my favorite Lebanese blog.

I hope I can become one of your favorite blogs too – eventually. Stick around. Odds are, there will be something posted that you might enjoy.

Praise for A Separate State of Mind:

Top 10 Lebanese blog of 2012 by Communicate Magazine, Levant

Featured in Al Hayat newspaper,

Featured in Daily Star Lebanon,

Featured in Annahar newspaper,

Featured on LBC,

Featured on The Huffington Post,

Featured on New TV,

Featured on Mic.com,

Featured on Al-Jazeera,

Featured on NY Times,

Featured in Assafir Newspaper.

26 thoughts on “About

  1. hi Elie, u mean ur learning for a medical degree? man here’s another blogger of ur same interests but from a different continent. I’m doing a movie blog and some movie news and stuff. Great writing u got here mate. Check my blog if ur free – http://perfectmovie4u.blogspot.com/
    I hope you also have the barrier to do this stuff by the time factor. ANyways nice blog..cheers….


  2. Hi Elie,

    I stumbled upon your site looking for Nadine’s movie “Stray Bullet”. It is a pleasure to discover your site.

    I too write a blog which is actually languishing ever since I landed a column-writer gig in the local community newspaper, but if you are interested, here it is:

    My next step is to have a blog or a web site (preferrably combining both) to write about movies, songs and books I come across. I am roping in a few of my friends to do this and would luv to have you occasionally grace us with Lebanese movies if you are interested.

    Keep in touch,


  3. Thank you for speaking out…I support your position on Women’s Rights and fight for them (to keep them from being violated) here in the US. I am not afraid either…how can we be. If we do not speak, who will? One voice send a ripple…the ripple becomes a wave. I look forward to when you are a Dr. You are obviously a smart women.


  4. Absolutely amazing ! It’s really well-constructed, smart, funny, and eclectic. I love the fact that for once I can enjoy myself reading a pure Lebanese website.
    You can be really proud and also ashamed. Proud because you made a complete stranger read your articles for 2 hours, and share your blog ,,,, and ashamed because she had been doing it instead of studying for her biology test XD (I have that strange feeling Monday’s test will be an epic fail :P)
    P.S: Do you fill this blog alone or do you get any help ? I mean the work is really monumental for one person :O


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  7. Respect! I am a Blogger since 2007 and with a medical degree since 2013. I have achieved maybe less than 1% of what you describe above! Not to mention your added fame from your article about the terror attacks in Paris! (I came to your Blog from a link in the website of a very important German newspaper!). All respect for the second time and good luck!


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  9. Marhaba Elie! I found your blog researching world’s oldest trees last night with my kids ( being proud Lebanese they were sure the cedars would be the oldest!) I really enjoyed reading what I have read so far- especially the pieces pertaining to environment and women’s issues. Thanks for providing such and eclectic, well thought out and articulate blog for English speaking Lebanese, living in Lebanon and about *our* unique Lebanese issues. A breath of fresh air! My half- Lebanese girls are often perplexed by the corruption, pollution and social attitudes we encounter ( been here non stop for 14 yrs, visiting for over 20). They know Lebanon can and must do better- bit stahhel aktar!

    Best wishes, Sukayna


  10. Glad to be here; I just checked the blog. I like that you cover variety of topics, especially movies not only from Hollywood but from worldwide cinema. As I can see, the blog has grown much since 2011, keep up the amazing work.



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