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  1. Hey,

    How are you? My is Yusra and I’m contacting you from bazaar magazine, Kuwait. ( We’ve been on the hunt for a good review of Nadine Labaki’s latest movie, but have been out of luck with our syndicates. I was wondering if you would give us permission to use your review in our magazine, of course, giving you and your blog credit.

    Let me know what you think, and if you have any questions for me.



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  5. I like your site but I have one suggestion that may be useful to us readers, especially interested readers:

    Can you have an arrow that takes us back to “TOP” every few paragraphs?

    Your design is one where subjects, pictures, comments, etc… just list themselves one below the other.
    So when one is reading and especially when one is taken by the subjects and keeps on reading, one finds him/herself very low down a particular page and hence has to keep scrolling up to go back to top.

    Hope it is constructive.
    Shouldn’t be too difficult to incorporate.

    Keep it up, ie the good work


  6. Dear

    Let me introduce myself, my name is Assaad Tarabay I am the producer of the film ( My Last Valentine in Beirut) the first 3D film in the Arab World,written and directed by Salim El Turk

    The film will be released On Nov 15 2012, in major theaters
    We would like to invite you on our Avent premiere of the film, and if possible do a certain kind of competition on your blog,,,
    Please send us your personal number and email to send you the invitation
    This is the trailer of the film

    Assaad Tarabay
    Film Producer



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