An Awesome French Ad!

You thought the TNT Drama ad was awesome? Wait till you watch this one.

I was blown away by how smart this is.

Smeds Knefe and Pizza ads: Sex, Breasts & Food?

The new ads by Smeds for their mozarella cheese are nothing but sexually inferring. Without them telling you what they’re advertizing, you’d think Antoinette Akiki has a new sex-ed show, à la Lezem Ta3ref, on YouTube.

I’m not a marketing expert. But if someone intends to sell some food item, is associating it with talk about breasts and a man bringing his wife to orgasm a decent strategy?

In other words: food and vulgar ads, do they go hand in hand (no pun intended) or is it a grave misstep here?

I’ll leave the answer to the pros.

To me, I think sex sells. But not cheese.

Here are the ads:

Buzz Vodka Mix: Khalleh l Jaw Wel3an – Hilarious Lebanese Ad

The frontman of Lebanese band Meen Fouad Yammine is part of the ads for Buzz Vodka Mix and I just watched his newest offering for the brand & it’s simply hilarious.

Yammine’s initial ad, which spun several parodies, is the following:

His partner in the previous ad has also went solo:

Overall, some successful ads Buzz has going for it here. My favorite is the latest one by Fouad Yammine. I couldn’t stop laughing after watching it.

I gotta try this Buzz drink.

Humans and Curiosity Reveal a World of Pure CGI: The Making Of “Qitaf Diamonds” – the STC Ad

This is a guest post by a friend to introduce you to his latest work: a TV Ad for KSA’s STC mobile operating company, named Qitaf Diamonds.

Have you ever wondered how some TV commercials are done?

ABLis about to launch an interactive video that unveils the secrets and techniques of the process that gives rise to these commericals.

Humans and curiosity, they go way back. Come on, let’s admit it, we always want to know how? what? who? and when? Each can help, in their own specialty, to bring knowledge to people. When it comes to ads, many want to know how they’re made. So we ask, how would you like to know how “Qitaf diamonds”, one of our latest commercials, came to life?

Promise! We won’t be wasting your time with the usual making of, a director saying “Action”, or people running around trying to look busy on set. Come along with us to the world of pure CGI, where we uncover the detail behind what your eye is seeing….

Lazy? Choose our “auto pilot mode” by watching this video:

For those more curious and compelled, experience the  “full interactivity mode” via our web app, which you can access here, where you can move the cursor and choose which part of the frame you want to unveil and know exactly “how it was made”!

Enjoy the ride into our virtual fascinating 3D world.