No – These Are Not Photographs. These Are Paintings!

These pictures are hard to believe, I’m sure, but they are not still photographs taken by a talented photographer. They are paintings drawn by Canadian painter Jason de Graaf.

These pictures will blow you away – the level of detail is unbelievable. I have no clue how he did these but I’m beyond impressed.


Jason DeCaires Taylor’s Spectacular Underwater Sculptures

Jason deCaires Taylor is an English artist known for contemporary works of art where he builds life-size sculptures of people and submerges them in water.

In time, those sculptures become part of the natural landscape, forming artificial reefs full of marine life.

His works include:

Grace Reef, Moilinere Bay Sculpture Park , Grenada 2006

Vicissitudes, Moilinere Bay Sculpture Park, Grenada 2006

The Lost Correspondent, Moilinere Bay Sculpture Park, Grenada 2006

The unstill Life, Moilinere Bay Sculpture Park, Grenada 2006.

Alluvia, The Stour River, Canterbury, Kent April 2008.

Inverted Solitude The National Diving and Activities Centre, Chepstow, commission in April 2008 for Smart Art Television

The Un-still Life II a land-based commission, hosted by the Municipality of Paliani Stone Symposium in Crete, Greece, August 2008.

Hombre en llamas (Man on Fire), MUSA, Cancun, November 2009

La Jardinera de la Esperanza (The Gardener of Hope), MUSA, Cancun, November 2009

El colecionista de los sueños (The Dream Collector), MUSA, Cancun, November 2009

La Evolución Silenciosa (The Silent Evolution), MUSA, Cancun, November, 2011.

You can find explanations of these works of art on his website.

Meanwhile, behold the gorgeous pictures as shared with me by my good friend Agnes Semaan through this website: