Happy Birthday Carrie Underwood!

Today is Carrie Underwood’s birthday! She turns 28!

So a fan decided to dedicate a video for the occasion and I thought it was pretty great. Carrie even commented on it, finding it to be very sweet.

What can we, as fans, expect from Carrie’s 28th year? Even greater music, a stellar album and Carrie continuing to be the great role model that she is. May she have many happy returns, filled with profuse givings of love, happiness and everything that is blessed!

Happy birthday Carrie!

And don’t forget anyone, when things get tough, just play on!


6 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Carrie Underwood!

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  2. Happy Birthday Carrie. You are our ETOY ALWAYS AND FOEVER NO MATTER WHAT. Have a great day and thanks for all your time and talent you give to us and for charity. We love you and you are our biggest Role Model ever. I wish you all the Love, Happiness and Health in this world. God Bless and Thankyou for everything you do by inspiring us every day to make this a better world to live in. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!


  3. Happy Birthday to Carrie !!! Here’s to another incredible year ahead as the biggest and best artist in the world continues her historic musical journey. Thanks for making the world a better place with your amazing talent, wonderful personality, and natural beauty inside and out. There will never be another like you –>



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