Dear Hezbollah, I Am Not Israeli

While going back to my hometown today, I was surprised to see counter ads to the ones spread by the March 14 forces.

This is a picture I found online of one of those ads:

For those who can’t read Arabic, this reads as:

[The people want our arms surrendered]

And Israel wants our arms surrendered as well

The Islamic Resistance

The apparent meaning of this is quite clear: They want to make people notice that Lebanon’s mortal enemy *gasp* is supportive of the agenda that the protest on Sunday is adopting.

But if you think a little deeper about it, this is Hezbollah’s way of inferring that Israel might be behind this movement.

I hate to break Hezbollah’s bubble again, but Lebanese people wanting its arms to be surrendered sometimes goes beyond Israel’s existent wishes. Sure, Hezbollah being weaponless is inside Israel’s wishing scope, but the Lebanese people have gotten fed up with Hezbollah flaunting its arms left and right. This is a case of: If you got it, DO NOT flaunt it.

In addition to that, Hezbollah is also launching a counter-campaign on Facebook titled: “Mbala”, which is Lebanese for “Yes”. Yes for what? Let us see.

According to Hezbollah, we’re supposed to go down to the streets to support it and say yes to its arms because these arms have:

– returned our pride and glory,

– have liberated our land,

– have protected our families and us.

I would have gladly given those three points to them without even thinking twice about it had the date been March 11th 2001, a few months after South Lebanon was liberated from Israeli forces. However, 10 years later, where do we stand from this?

– Because of Hezbollah’s arms, I had to stay home for two weeks in 2008 because they decided to go into a near-civil strife rampage in Beirut, just because they felt like it.

– Because of Hezbollah, my family’s vote in the last parliamentary elections, against it and its allies, has basically been equated with junk. Why’s that? Because they decided on one Tuesday to send out its personnel, dressed out in black to the streets of Beirut, reminding everyone of the aforementioned point, basically telling everyone that we can do whatever we want whenever we want and there’s nothing you can do about it.

– Because of Hezbollah, our economic boom that started in late 2005 got reversed into a severe economic breakdown when Hezbollah iniated the 2006 war against Israel. Yes, Hezbollah was the main cause of that war and hiding from this fact will not change it.

So how did you, dear Hezbollah, protect me and my family since 2001? Against a war that you initiated? It was your obligation after all. Did you return my pride when you paraded around my university campus with your allies killing people left and right just because those people you killed decided to oppose you? And what land did you liberate since 2001? And do you honestly think you could have even liberated South Lebanon if Israel hadn’t been pushed into implementing U.N. Resolution 425?

As far as I’m concerned, all of this boils down to you and your arms becoming more or less useless. It’s the harsh truth, but it needs to be said. And you want people to come down on March 20th to support you? Is this your way of retaliating to those whose only reason of going down to the streets in 2 days is you attempting to suppress their voices?

Yes, we are going on March 13th. And if I hadn’t been 100% convinced, I am more than convinced now. Why’s that? Because the amount of hypocrisy in this country has become unsupportable and Hezbollah wears the hypocritical mantle with the best possible fashion.

They equate you with being a traitor or an Israeli-supporter whenever they feel threatened. And they’re a bunch of tyrants as much as Israel is. So to them we say, we are not Israelis. We are pure Lebanese, whose minds are only for Lebanon.

So on March 13th, let us all go down as a testimony of our belief that Lebanon will never prosper under a mandate of unlawful arms is unacceptable. Martyr’s Square will be our testimony on Sunday

March 14 - Ad

12 thoughts on “Dear Hezbollah, I Am Not Israeli

  1. Please try to use the official campaign photos not those on facebook because their source is unknown…the official ads are different from those included in your post.

    On the other hand, please try to remember what happened in the 5th of May 2008. No one went to the street for having fun…and if you really want to count the dead people please include the 11 guys slaughtered in 7alba in the same day under the directives of an actual deputy.

    You can be convinced and go on the 13th of march, but befor going try to rememeber what they promised you and what they really did. Who they accused and how they changed. How they said that they were stable on their principles and how they changed. How they wanted the International Tribunal and how they tried to exchange it with some silly selfish and money oriented demands.

    You can go down…but be aware that you are re-electing the same people who stole you, who lied on you and who exchanged pure blood for power and money.


    • I have seen the official ones and these are very close in meaning, therefore, the point still holds. If you can find me the originals, I’d gladly take them.
      The point of mentioning the May 08 events is to simply say that taking it to the streets in a violent way whenever Hezbollah felt threatened is not healthy, to say the least. The Halba events cannot be taken out of context. I’m not saying they’re correct. I’m just saying they were a reply to much worse things going on in Beirut.

      I fully know what I was promised and I know why they couldn’t fulfill their promises. And I fully know who was accused and how it changed. I don’t mind the fact that the accused changed. I do mind, however, is how when the primary accused is taken out of the pictures, suddenly someone is shaking in their wake. And the list goes on…

      And at the end of the day, everybody lies. Those I vote for are newly elected – at least half of them – and haven’t had their share of lies yet. I’d gladly take them over those that fake a platform they do not believe in.


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    • Well they are credible!
      I mean, if you oppose them, then you are Israeli. It’s the natural conclusion. You cannot be Lebanese and have thoughts that would lead against them. It just doesn’t make sense!!



  3. So… I seem to be here to just attack you but no. I only comment when I disagree. And oh how I disagree on this post.

    Everyone lied to you. From 8 to 14 March. All they do is lie to you, Lebanese. And you believe one party over the other, depending on things like where your parents lived during the 80-90’s (or other things).

    So didn’t 14 March use Hariri’s blood in the past elections? Didn’t they say that whomever doesn’t vote for them is killing late Hariri again? Same goes with Gemayel, etc… Hezbollah is using the same argument again. Just like back in the elections, both the people who killed Hariri and March 8 did not want 14 March to win; now both Israel and 14 March do not want Hezbollah’s weapons. I guess what I am saying is: the people you support, who drag you on the streets, are not better.

    I was there on March 14 2005. I was there. but they made our day a joke. and I woke up.. please do!
    No one is worth it.. Let’s have a fresh start, the young crowd, without them.. war heros.


    • Sorry for the late reply, I’ve been pretty busy.
      No don’t worry about it.

      Now to the reply :p

      I basically made my own opinion regarding what I believe in politically. I live in a region that is mixed to say the least (politically) and when most Lebanese people my age started to assume political opinions (2005) I was against my parents. So I would say I’m not influenced by what my parents think as much as others.
      That’s first.

      Second, I’m sick and tired of being accused of being a “3amil” everytime I speak out with something that doesn’t please a certain party in Lebanon. Therefore the post. You can say Hariri’s blood was used in the elections. But they used the same tactic as well to pull their street together as well. I don’t agree with both groups regarding their electoral tactics (and both were not used in my caza) but I didn’t have a blog then to comment on it.

      And to be honest, I was never dragged to the streets. The only time I actually protested was last Sunday. But I agree that we need fresher faces in the political scene.
      Thanks for dropping by 🙂


      • and I am sick of being called a killer whenever I criticize Hariri Junior.
        New faces and new parties, new principles.
        As a Christian, I am against killing, against arms, and therefore anti-Hezbollah, but also anti-Israeli. But I am also anti-Geagea, anti-Aoun, anti-all-the-war-heros that used your very presence on March 13 (or whatever date) to make a political statement about their popularity.


        • LOL I never heard of anyone being called a killer for criticizing Hariri junior. We’re all killers then.
          We do need new faces but until then, we make do with the ones we have.



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