On Mothers’ Day…

It is the vernal equinox. And it is also Mothers’ Day in Lebanon.

So naturally, everyone starts saying how their mom is the best. Well, all moms are the best. The idea of a superlative comparison when it comes to motherhood becomes void. Why? because of all the creatures that walk this Earth, your parents, and specifically your mother, make you who you are. And they do so by giving it their all.

Mothers are your mentors, friends, guides, your light. They put up with you in situations when no one should – or no one can. They know you sometimes better than you even know yourself. And even though you bring them down on way too many occasions, they still look up at you smiling, embracing you because you are the light that shines in their lives.

I was not going to post anything for this occasion. But a combination of Marcel Khalife’s lyrics and a mental image of my mother drove my fingers on the keyboard. The lyrics of that song describe a man who misses his mom, her coffee, her bread…. He adores his life because he’d be ashamed, in case he passes away, of every tear that trickles down on his mother’s cheeks. He asks her to cover him with grass that was made holy by the sole of her feet. I can only imagine the day when I’m going to be abroad, on Mothers’ Day, thinking I’d rather be for a few hours in my hometown, with my mom.

Yes, we all have mothers. And we will never forget our mothers. So today, let me say to my mom that you are the most amazing my eyes have seen. You are the light that shines in my days and mom, I adore you.

And speaking of Mothers’ Day, check out this great Kunhadi ad with a great message.

And for those interested, this is Marcel Khalife’s song:

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