The Church Explosion Derivation

On Sunday morning, an explosion rocked the Syriac church of Saydit Al Najat (Our Lady of Salvation) in Zahle. Every Lebanese official denounced the explosion, naturally, as a barbaric act, against the “example” of coexistence that is Lebanon, bla bla bla.

Now let us start our derivation of who is responsible for this attack.

Naturally, it can’t be a non-Lebanese because most Lebanese barely know of the existence of the targeted sect, let alone those who are foreigners and don’t know Lebanon has Maronites or any other major Christian sect to begin with.

Now that the non-Lebanese people have been taken out of the equation, this leaves us with those who hold the beloved and cherished citizenship. Of those, say 50% are Muslims and 50% are Christians. Now since we’d like to be optimistic, let us assume that our fellow Muslims would not do such a thing because it would break this example of coexistence.

Of the remaining 50% of Christians, no one would act except upon an act issued by their correspondent political leader. You have a bunch of irrelevant leaders who can’t get their followers to hurt a fly and then you have the big quartet.

Michel Aoun was probably still sleeping, long dreaming about him being Lebanon’s president, a dream that doesn’t seem to let him go. Add to that the fact that his supporters don’t know what a bomb is and you rule him out of the equation as well.

Sleiman Frangieh’s followers know very well what a bomb is. But Zahle is just too far away from his radar that you can’t make him a serious contender for the top prize. Add to it him being clueless most of the time and you definitely take his name off the list.

Amin Gemayel was still probably mourning his son. Or in the midst of the conversation that started on Friday evening. Either way, I don’t see him as someone who would issue the bombing as well.

Samir Geagea, however, *evil smile*, this man can definitely blow up a church. I mean, out of the whole bunch of politicians today, he is the only criminal, right? And he has blown up a church before. Granted, he was exonerated, but he did blow it up, no? His party is also made up of a bunch of high school dropouts who don’t know how to write their names, so naturally, they know how to handle bombs. Also, as a wise person from Bsharri would say: If Geagea thinks a church needs to be blown up, then the church needs to be blown up.

Meanwhile, the seven Estonians are still missing. Telecom minister Charbel Nahas is still in his cat-fight with Ogero CEO, Abdel Menhem, and the country is more prosperous than ever. Some Lebanese stupidheads took the headlines with their pro-Syria protests… why would anyone care about a silly Church getting blown up?

PS: In case you didn’t notice, let me hashtag it for you: #sarcasm.

4 thoughts on “The Church Explosion Derivation

  1. Okay, this is a topic I was gonna right about on my blog, but thank God you beat me to it. As someone from Zahle, I feel very strongly about this. Actually, ok… I am a Muslim from Zahle, living in Ksara now, but actually lived in Maala2a area before [sorry lol -im naming neighborhoods lol] but the point is as a person from the area, I strongly doubt anyone from the area – be it a Muslim or Christian- would blow up the church.

    In fact, in Zahle province, during the Civil War no church or mosque was blown up. Sure there were road blocks every once in a while, but I mean… Zahle is surrounded by 15 Sunni Muslim towns – and never did they attack any Christians and vice versa- quite the opposite, these towns grew with christian refugees from other areas. So they wouldn’t do that. The Phalange would never do it, because in Zahle they are IDOLIZED as the protectors from the Syrian Regime and the rest of the Crhsitian groups, never really would.

    So – in my opinion – because Zahle is so anti-Syrian and so anti-Israeli it could be both… but I am leaning a little more onto the Syria side ;).


    • You can always write about it. It’s clear you know the region more than me :p
      The point of writing this was to show how little attention this got. I mean, it’s not everyday that you blow up a church in Lebanon! But the news that night had other stuff to talk about.
      I’ve also heard someone say “akid Geagea 3emela”, which helped in the decision of making this more of a sarcastic post than a serious one.

      I mean, eventually why would ANY Lebanese want to blow up the church of a sect that doesn’t even have a parliament representative? I’m inclined to agree with your theory :p



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