The Carrie Underwood Authenticness

I was browsing the web when I came across this article, posted by the LA Times.

The article wonders (if you don’t feel like reading it) if Taylor Swift will finally beat Carrie Underwood at this year’s ACM awards.

The thing that bothered me the most about the article was its title:

Can Taylor Swift finally beat Carrie Underwood at the Academy of Country Music Awards?

Why would a reputable publication decide to name one of its few articles about this award show this way? Not only does it show some juvenile attitude towards the matter but it’s also uncalled for and shows some ignorance regarding this award show.

Taylor Swift and Carrie Underwood are competing against each other in one category, female vocalist of the year, but anyone would tell you that they’re both longshots to win, amidst what is expected to be a Miranda Lambert sweep.

The ACMs air in a few hours. Taylor Swift, with the help of her fans, has unleashed a massive twitter campaign to help her win the fan-voted portion of the coveted Entertainer Of The Year title. And if that wasn’t enough, she also has a camera up for grabs to those who vote for her. Also, people who have been to her concerts in international countries have found pamphlets on their seats inviting them to vote for her.

Brad Paisley, on the other hand, is offering a free iPod and a free download to those who vote for him and invite others to do so.

Carrie Underwood has never done that. She has won Entertainer of the Year twice in a row at the ACMs, the only country female singer ever to win it twice (let alone in a row), and she has never asked her fans to vote for her via a massive-online campaign or by giving out free downloads and goodies.

Moreover, Carrie is set to receive an award tonight from Bethany Hamilton, the star surfer whose life has been made into the movie “Soul Surfer”. The award she’s receiving is most probably the “Humanitarian Achievement” award for her outstanding work in charity. Carrie is one of the youngest people ever to receive this award and she has been around for only six years. How many people dedicate enough time of their careers to give to charity? Not only has Carrie helped in every way she could, but she’s been personally proactive in advocating to every soul that is weakened, even animals without shelter.

Tonight, Carrie is set to perform third. It’s been confirmed she’s singing a duet with rumored Steven Tyler, Aerosmith lead man. Only Carrie, among all country music fans, can pull of singing to a rock legend on a country award show.

So now that this country award season is nearing its end, let us look back at all the negativity that has surrounded this woman. Not only has her label decided not to support her, but they’ve also been active in basically campaigning against her. Voters have vote-blocked her to give their favorites a chance and yet, when it comes to fan-voted awards such as the American Country Awards, she swept them clean. Now how could that be if this person didn’t come off as real to so many people that they took the time to go online and fill out a survey with many categories that they didn’t care about just to cast a ballot with her name? or to text her name to vote for an award, something that’s ultimately not giving them anything in return except the satisfaction of seeing her win?

Carrie is up for Female Vocalist of the Year tonight. The criteria for that award is: success on country radio, sales, live performances quality, etc…

Among all the nominees, she’s the only one that fulfills all three criteria perfectly. She deserves to win by a country mile. But will she? No. Why? Because a) her label doesn’t want her to, and b) they hype for Lambert is too strong.

In her off year, Carrie is set to be on a massive duet with Brad Paisley, titled Remind Me. The duet is set to be huge. She’s also set to be on Randy Travis’ duet album and Tony Bennett’s duet album. She’s also busy writing her fourth album.

Carrie Underwood sings what she believes, without fearing of the repercussions. How many singers would take the risk of releasing a song with Jesus as a center theme of their lead single?

She’s also not afraid to smash someone’s car.

So for being who she is, Carrie is authentic. She is lengendarrie.


18 thoughts on “The Carrie Underwood Authenticness

  1. I agree a 100% what you state in your blog. I am a huge Carrie fan and I hate when she is snubbed on awards shows. But Carrie herself would never say anything. She is so sweet and kind. I hope Taylor Swift doesn’t win EOTY or FVOTY.


  2. Best post yet.

    Carrie is, without a doubt, the classiest and most talented act in the industry, and it’s so stupid that her label and the country awards corporations are snubbing her for it.


  3. Carrie is the best. She kind, generous, and excellent when in comes to vocal and performnce not to mention elegant and most beautiful inside and out.


  4. Why is it that no one can like both Carrie and Taylor? I happen to be a fan of both, and it is so frustrating when people feel they need to put one down in order to support the other. Grow up people!!


    • I am a fan of both. I’m not bashing Taylor. I’m commenting on how I don’t like the idea of voting for someone being shoved down my throat – regardless of who that someone is.


  5. Last night’s ACM Awardds showcased Carrie’s energy & stage show was miles above any other country singer that night.. proving to millions that she should’ve been nominated for ETOY again.. and won again! Remember, even though Taylor won ETOY it was a hollow victory in many viewer’s mind You cannot be the BEST if you do not compete against the BEST…Carrie is the best so all others pale next to her. However, Taylor did have her best performance ever singing “Mean” so congrats to her on finally delivering on 4 years of hype and awards. How many freakin awards can Lambert win for “HTBM”? The song is a year-old and not even written by her… If stack up “Temporary Home” vs “House That Built Me” I would honestly say Carrie’s song has much more emotion, texture, and resonance… Miranda’s song is nice but really is somwhat calculated with references porch swings, kids’ bedroom, and mama’s pie… c’mon.. that’s Song of the Year?? Give me a break… btw, Jason or Keith were robbed BMVOTY over Brad Paisely… the hard truth is Brad has never been a great singer, never been able to convey real emotion, but instead is a good entertainer appeaing to good ole boys and party people… nothing more. I cannot believe Brad has won 5 years in a row? Wow, that is a joke… here’s to Carrie dropping an ALL-COUNTRY album next year to quiet he critics, play the industry game, and collect a boat load of trophies… she can do it if she chooses to.. .that would be the smartest strategy right now.. get back to your country roots and kick ass on country radio… show them how country Carrie can get… agree ???


    • I agree! Carrie showed everyone how she’s the best at what she does when she rocked it out there w/ Steven Tyler.
      Taylor was also pretty good. I particularly love the song and she performed it quite well. But yeah, it could be that I’m not as into it as last year, but her win seems less of importance than Carrie’s win last year.
      I honestly like Brad and felt he deserved to win, so we’ll have to disagree there.
      And yeah, I’m hoping album #4 is brilliant 🙂


      • I agree with you, thought Brad would win and most certainly deserved it, but when do they ever recognize the one who deserves it? I read an artice on a web, had a poll, and 80% said award show was a sham and noone should get upset, because the best will not win when most deserved. The only thing I liked was that Carrie proved once again of her high level of talent. I am through with awards excepte the ones that are fan voted, after all, we , THE FANS are the ones who pay all their salaries. When will they ever learn???



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