Jesus Christ’s “Last Supper” Was On A Wednesday?

It apparently looks like it.

According to Cambridge professor Colin Humphreys, the Last Supper took place on April 1st, 33AD, a Wednesday, not a Thursday as is widely celebrated in Christianity.

The event where Jesus passed on the Eucharist is one of the key events of Holy Week.

Professor Humphrey’s study suggests that the events of Good Friday did not actually take place in one day as previously thought but were spread out over both Thursday and Friday. In his book,Β The Mystery Of The Last Supper, Humphrey uses Biblical, historical and astronomical research to address the inconsistency of the issue at hand.

It seemed to many that the Gospels do not agree on when exactly the event took place. Matthew, Mark and Luke say it took place with the start of Passover, whilst John said it was before Passover.

However, professor Humphrey suggested that, seeing as the Jewish people would not mistake Passover meal for any other meal, two different Jewish calendars were used by the aforementioned Disciples, meaning that the dates agree perfectly, i.e.: the Gospels show no discrepancy in this matter.

Matthew, Mark and Luke used an old-fashioned Jewish calendar – adapted from Egyptian usage at the time of Moses, while John the commonly used Lunar Calendar at the time.

Professor Humphrey hopes his findings lead to fixing Easter for the first Sunday in April.

6 thoughts on “Jesus Christ’s “Last Supper” Was On A Wednesday?

    • I agree. It’s very tricky to verify such things in the first place due to the substantial lack of tangible historical proof (the Bible aside).
      But it’s still an interesting finding.


  1. It’s little things like this that interest me, but when you truly think about it, dates and the when and the how, do they really matter?

    Sometimes we get so caught up trying to prove this interpretation of the Bible and that, and fighting over differences that we forget the WHAT. Let’s not lose sight of why this holiday is so special, and who redeemed us.



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