Carrie Underwood Going Viral

Who knew that the person that would be taking YouTube by storm these days would not be Justin Bieber or Lady Gaga or Britney Spears… but Carrie Underwood.

Showing everyone that you don’t need legions of teenagers and sexed up music to get the attention of the masses, she has gone in the totally opposite direction: gospel music.

Carrie’s first video to be considered a viral success was her duet with Steven Tyler at the ACMs on the Aerosmith song “Walk This Way”.

Becoming the top video in music on YouTube for a few day and also topping out the most watched videos lists in many countries around the world, “Walk This Way” stands in less than three weeks at more than 4 million hits.

And for those that might say the only reason Walk This Way became viral was the presence of Steven Tyler, Carrie indirectly replied with a breathtaking performance of How Great Thou Art.

Not only did she blow everyone away with her voice but her performance has actually reached the masses with the video currently standing at a little less than 2 million hits, a mere four days after her performance. How Great Thou Art is a gospel song, praising God… and it is sung in a divine way and people want to listen to it. Maybe other artists should take note?

Moreover, Carrie is now the #1 trending topic on Yahoo!, fueled by the growing popularity of her How Great Thou Art performance.

Read the Yahoo! article here.

A singer’s job is to sing, not to show skin in order to get attention. People are beginning to call Carrie Underwood this generation’s best vocalist. And that is not something to take lightly. She has no way to go but up… and as the pop masses would say: Get it, Carrie!


16 thoughts on “Carrie Underwood Going Viral

  1. I’m not even religious and I’m in awe of this performance. I admire her so much for sticking to her beliefs and not succumbing to the Hollywood machine. She is a true inspiration. I wish more artists would take note of this.


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  3. Her performance was jaw-droppingly amazing. When she hit those last few notes you could see she was making musical history with this song, Carrie stretched out farther than she possibly ever has (and that’s taking into account maybe 15-20 incredible live performances over last 6 years). You could feel and sense this was a special night, and she delivered as usual a masterclass for the world to see. I hope ACM will give her Best Vocalist next year and this proved to millions that she is the BEST in the business.


    • Her going viral with performances in which she did not strip down, sex it up, etc… proves how brilliant she is. People want to listen to her sing. Accolades, awards, etc.. come second to being wanted by the people.
      And yeah, she is the only artist nowadays who can constantly bring it, performance-wise, and make it seem effortless. She’s brilliant.


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