8 thoughts on “Facebook Account Hacking

  1. oh! that is too bad about your bro’s account. Did you see the amount of spam that Osama’s death brought onto FB?? simply disgusting. More idiotic was all the people clicking on those links, that needed to be told ‘hey!! its spamming in your name! Stop being an Osama-maniac fool’.. I am sure there was phishing/virus-ing attached to the spamming.

    I don’t think people hack someone’s account just ‘cos they are popular. I have no clue how popular your bro is, but I have some really common friends whose accounts were hacked on FB and other social networks too. It was very sad, ‘cos they lost all their contacts – these people were sort of a recluse after high school and came back onto the social scene after 12 years. it took them a while to build back all the connections. I mean seriously, no one can remember every one on their friend’s list right?

    The point probably might just be the sinister evil satisfaction they get of controlling someone else’s social interface. Or it might be the thrill.

    nothing is really private on the internet. which people tend to ignore on faith ‘oh! I tend to believe people are good’. If only your belief makes it come true…



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