Where Do We Go Now? – New Nadine Labaki Lebanese Movie

Brilliant Lebanese director/actress Nadine Labaki is set to debut her new movie, Where Do We Go Now? (و هلّأ لوين؟) at Cannes this week. And it is starting off to good reviews.

After the 2007 hit Caramel, Labaki returns with another movie she’s directing. Set in a religiously mixed village, the movie is about a group of people trying to preserve their town in the midst of inter-religious tension. The town’s location is never mentioned, probably wanting to make the movie apply to anywhere in the Middle East where you have diversity.

Labaki has said about the movie, “It’s not a story about war; on the contrary, it’s about how to avoid war. You can’t live in Lebanon without feeling this threat, which ends up coloring what we do and our ways of expression.”

I think the topic looks like a typical Lebanese storyline, sort of like Caramel, which should make the movie quite relatable. And after all, Nadine Labaki is a very good director so I believe she will pull it off. Will this be as big as Caramel, I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

Check out a scene from the movie:

Check out my review of Where Do We Go Now.


17 thoughts on “Where Do We Go Now? – New Nadine Labaki Lebanese Movie

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  2. Well let’s see Mohammed said that IF a Muslim changes their religion then they are subject to the death penalty. How would that actually help the cause of peace?? It would not.

    Also these women used immoral tactics to affect the men: illegal drugs and prostitutes.

    What a ridiculous story line. Should be caused a FANTASY FLICK for morons!


  3. More ridiculous is to kill someone because of a religion fact!
    Happy that all people watching the film at the same time last day on San Sebastian film festival didn’t think as you, 15 minutes of applauses.
    Anyway… did you only retain the drug scene? And prostitutes? Come on! Where thay paid them to have sex on the film?
    So nasty and irreal coment of the film.

    Peace and love!


  4. Amazing movie. Brilliantly prepared & directed. Just everyone has to watch it. It is great! Great job Nadine. Proud of having people like you. The message of the movie is JUST in its place.



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