Shakira’s Concert in Lebanon

Shakira’s concert in her native country, Lebanon, ended a while ago and while I didn’t go, tweeps are reporting that it was massive – both literally and figuratively.

Described by some as the biggest concert in Lebanese history, Shakira posted this picture of the crowds at the concert, which she dedicated to her father, William Mubarak, from the Lebanese city of Zahle:

While some complained that her set was short, they also said that they danced a lot and had a blast. I’m sure it was a great concert. Until she comes back again (and seeing how lucrative this has been, I’m sure Lebanon will be made a constant fixture on her international tour), did you go the concert? how was it?

Other pictures from the concert:

And this is Shakira dedicating the concert to her father:



13 thoughts on “Shakira’s Concert in Lebanon

  1. It was truly EPIC!

    First she came in through the crowd, shaking hands with the people in the front. Then once she was on stage, the audience went crazy. She sang all her known songs (whenever wherever, la tortura, etc.) and a few slow songs on the guitar. She even sang a metallica song and did some oriental dancing! She’s so talented! And finally, after a fake goodbye, she returned and sang hips don’t lie and waka waka with the fireworks exploding in the sky and literally everyone dancing and singing! Best part 😀

    The weaknesses were that 3 people fainted in the audience around me (I’m sure there were more ) and the Red Cross was nowhere to be seen. A guy improvised himself a doctor and started holding up their legs and gave them sugary stuff.

    Are you going to any concerts this summer?


    • I’m glad you had fun Christine 😀 Everyone on twitter, including you, was saying how great it was and how much fun they had. So I’m glad it wasn’t a waste of money 😛
      Thank you for the detailed description of what went on. I think regarding the Red Cross thing, the concert was packed. They couldn’t be everywhere. I mean, how many volunteers can they possibly have?


  2. uhh Lebanon is not her “native” country. she was born in Colombia and her mother is Colombian, she was raised in there, began her career in Spanish and identifies as a Latina artist. you can say that Lebanon is her “ancestral” home and that she identifies as part Lebanese but that’s about it. In other parts of the world, patriarchy isnt as intense as it is in Lebanese culture.


    • Her mom is Lebanese as well. At least that’s what Shakira said when she was interviewed over here, from the Northern village of Tannourine to be precise. Native/Ancestral, it doesn’t really matter. She’s Lebanese in origin and that’s what I meant. She’s also suing people over here for her grandfather’s home. So yeah, I think she has some pretty tight attachment.


  3. OMG i was first row nd she passed right infront of meeee!!! It was suchh a nice expiriencee !! I hv aloot of vids from close if u want anyy (: BEST CONCERT EVER !!


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