R.I.P Amy Winehouse

Amy Winehouse

Amy Winehouse was found dead in her London apartment a few hours ago.

Is anyone surprised?

The 27 year old Grammy-winning singer has been “battling” substance abuse for years now. But can you really call it battling if she never seriously sought out to make herself better?

They say death should be revered. But how can you pay tribute to someone who had it coming for such a long time that when the news of her death broke out, no one was shocked.

It’s sad to see such a talent go to waste especially that this talent has only given the world only two critically-acclaimed albums: 2003’s Frank and 2006’s Back To Black. Now that Winehouse is gone, many of her unreleased tracks will find their way to be marketed. It’s the way it is with artists whose lives are so troubled that they cannot maintain a regular album release schedule.

There will definitely be a Greatest Hits album by the year’s end to celebrate this young woman’s untimely passing. Let’s make a few dollars off of her. That won’t hurt anyone, right?

Back To Black is #1 on iTunes as of now. At least her label is starting to rack in the dough.

Amy Winehouse had a story to tell. Her life could have served as a great source for music about anguish, need and pain. Her death is like cutting a novel short indefinitely.

I guess Amy shouldn’t have said no, no to rehab and gone. Her greatest achievement will remain introducing a sound to the music industry that allowed people like Adele to make a breakthrough. For that, we’ll all be thankful.

Here’s hoping her last moments were fade to white. But at the end of the day, her death was a lifestyle choice.

4 thoughts on “R.I.P Amy Winehouse

  1. I was shocked. So it’s not that no one was shocked. And you can get very old with this lifestyle, look at the Rolling Stones, pure sex drugs and rock’n’roll, and they still alive and rockin it. So I don’t think it’s only the lifestyle or the drugs.
    For me it’s sad, last year me and my friend were looking for her house in London, went to Camden, but didn’t find it. And now we can go looking for her grave, when I’m over there next time 😦 Only the best die young ❤ Me and my friend got drunk in honour of her yesterday. I mean, it's wrong what she did, but at least she lived her life to the fullest. Always burn with the hottest flame. And she had it all.


    • I admit she had talent. But she let it go to waste. Ever since she came on the music scene, I’ve been hearing of her drug problems. So when I knew she died, I felt a little sadness but I wasn’t shocked.
      My friends made me guess who died and I guessed her. That’s how much it was predictable, imo.

      And by the looks of it, everyone got drunk in her honor last night :p
      I disagree about living life to the fullest. That doesn’t happen when you go wasted 24/7 and have mindless sex everywhere. It happens when you’re sober enough to be aware of everything around you, including your family and your music. And look at where all those bands that got wasted in their days are now.



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