My First Airplane Ride

As I made it clear earlier, yours truly had never been on a airplane. Yes, I know it´s hard to believe for many of you but I was an airplane virgin up until very recently.  Last week to be exact.

I packed my oversized bag, put it in the bus that took us to Beirut International Airport (which in my head will forever be its true name). We got searched a little by General Security and then we went on board.
My first airline was Turkish Airline. And my first impression was: this is much smaller than I expected. The plane was quite compact.
I´m not sure if it was the airbus make but the thing was definitely much, much less impressive than I thought it would be inside.

And so I sat on an aisle seat. Yeah, not the best seat but that´s my luck. Next to me sat a non-Lebanese looking woman who basically remained silent throughout the whole flight.

Then it was time to take off. And the Lebanese guy sitting next to that woman started to Cross himself frantically. I followed suit. Not as frantically but I did Cross myself. After all, it never hurts, no?
And the plane started to lift off. The feeling was weird. It was like your stomach was rising inside your abdomen and then my ears started ringing. I felt naucious but I wasn´t afraid. It was more like excitement. But I really wanted that window seat and so I kept looking out at the window, trying to see the Beirut skyline as it faded. I´m half sure the woman thought I was staring or attempting to flirt. But no, she was quite older.

For the remainder of the flight, and even though I hadn´t slept the night before, I just couldn´t fall asleep, no matter how hard I tried. I looked around and the people I was traveling with were all snoring. Then breakfast was served. Not very impressive but you can´t go wrong with butter and jam and bread. The service was quite hospitable and warm, though.

And soon enough, it was time to land. After all, my layover in Istanbul cut the flight short. And if I ever felt nausea in my whole life, that was it. To say that my ears rang during lift off, I have to say my head was pounding as the plane descended. More like, my ears were beating and ringing like an 808 drum. But the plane landed… and then my group thought I got lost in Istanbul.

But that´s another story…

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