Lebanese Politicians Fighting Live on National TV

Allouch VS Chaker – round one.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words… how about a video?

This is embarrassingly hilarious and also sad. I have no idea what the context of the discussion was but you know something’s seriously messed up when something like this happens.

6 thoughts on “Lebanese Politicians Fighting Live on National TV

  1. Yep, but don’t stereotype my entire country. We have a streak of ego in our older generation of politicians, especially in contrast with the younger ones. We also have politicians who are frustrating to debate with, they shape-shift. They’re an old ruling class that has traditionally sided with the power that pays the highest bribe, the US / Saudi dollars have won their favors lately. Hold your breath though, like I said they are an old ruling class for hire: nothing personal, and no loyalty involved. They’re also a minority in the Lebanese government right now, and I think their type is fading out, I hope. They are very aggressive towards a new type of politicians, who work towards a functional Lebanese democracy, and do not seek foreign mother ships.
    To be more concrete, here’s a charter that only the Lebanon-oriented politicians understand. The old-ruling class wouldn’t be caught dead using words like “equal rights” and “separate religion and state”, which you find in that charter.
    Unless you want to pass for old school western media, you can’t ignore those details, nor stereotype Lebanon based on a fight on TV.


    • I’m Lebanese. So no, I’m not stereotyping my country. Sure these politicians have ego but the “Syrian” one seriously needs to get a grip. Assad is not a saint.
      Also Alloush shouldn’t have sworn. But yeah, this is ridiculous. And no, it doesn’t represent the whole politics class in Lebanon.


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