Laylit Eid – Fairuz’s Christmas Song Live at her December 23rd Concert

Living Lebanese music legend Fairuz has had a series of concerts prior to Christmas. On her last date, December 23rd, she surprised the audience by concluding the concert with a series of Christmas songs, the most famous of which is the now timeless Laylit Eid.

We’ve all had our mothers, aunts, grandmas sing this for us as we grew up. Our schools taught us the song as part of Christmas recitals we were all forced to participate in. But nothing is more beautiful than to see Fairuz, at 80, entertain a crowd of thousands with her rendition.

She may not be as good a singer as she used to be. I may not be her biggest fan. But I can appreciate all of what she has given to Lebanon.

Christmas may be over but as I pointed out yesterday, Christmas is about giving. And by standing on a platform in a shimmering white gown that fits her age perfectly, Fairuz is giving every Lebanese who grew up listening to her a piece of their childhood and memories of happier times that will forever be engrained in their memories.

Or it could be that a friend and my aunt over-singing this over Christmas weekend has instilled in me the need to hear it by someone who can actually sing.

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