The Story of a Syrian Boy

This may be fake. His story may not check out. But you know something like this has definitely happened to people at the hands of the tyrant Syrian regime.

Bashar Assad and his father have done similar things to families in Lebanon. Bashar Assad is known to be a tyrant. He’s known to kill defenseless children, such as Hamza el Khatib and many others. So for all matters and purposes, regardless of whether this particular person may be fabricating this story, this is happening to many people like him around Syria, today.

4 thoughts on “The Story of a Syrian Boy

  1. how can this be not realistic! the look on the boy’s face is enough.. May God be with all the people asking for freedom
    Thank you for this video .. thanks to your blog i got the chance to see it


    • Many people on YouTube were doubting this video. But yeah, regardless of whether this happened to this kid or not, it’s happening to many other kids like him around Syria due to Mr. Assad.

      Thank you for checking the video, Oula 🙂


  2. Very sad story. As you said, if it didn’t happen to him, it happened to many more. Hopefully the Assad regime will fall soon and all of his atrocities will be revealed.



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