A Separate State of Mind… One Year Later

Well, what do you know, this little blog has turned one today. The appropriate thing would be to wish it happy birthday, no? I guess my Beirut outing later tonight will serve as a double purpose then.

I am actually proud of what A Separate State of Mind (Facebook page) came to be. I remember wanting to get 10,000 hits to feel like I’ve accomplished something. And now, one year later, I have over 300,000 hits and 3200 comments to top it off. Bloggers who tell you they don’t care about reception are liars. You need to feel there’s an audience for you out there – that people want to know what you have to say. And I’ve felt that throughout this past year. This blog has become my medium to communicate my ideas and thoughts. And there’s always someone’s reading and listening. It makes you feel good.

Throughout this year, I’ve had help from many people. Very good friends have helped me many times with posts, especially when it comes to sensitive subjects where I tend to tell it like it is, without being very diplomatic. So thank you awesome people. You know who you are.

For all matters and purposes, I think it’s been a good, successful year. Thank you for those who stuck with my long posts, my rants, my country music reviews, my political posts with which they don’t agree. Thank you for those who read everything, regardless of length or anger or music genre or political opinion.

Here’s hoping 2012 turns out just as good, if not better. 


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