Introducing: Lebanese Memes

[Edit]: It looks like Lebanese Memes would be a better description for what this is than Lebanese 9Gag. So I have decided to change it.

We all love 9gag. Actually, scratch that. We all LOVE 9gag. You go on 9gag and then, 5 hours later, you’re surprised how the time passed.

9gag is also the reason I’m staying awake during classes. So I figured why not bring in cool internet memes and give them a Lebanese flavor.

What’s the reason behind this? Well, sometimes laughing at all the problems our country is facing is the best way to deal with them without going into a dark phase of Lebanon-hating.

And so we begin, the first Lebanese Meme – a commentary on the electricity situation:

Lebanon's Electricity Crisis - Lebanese 9Gag

I thought about translating the memes… and then I figured it would be a total disaster. “3ouzran ya kalbe [Bitch please], Sa yakrah l karihoun [haters gonna hate], 2essa 7a2i2iye [True story], Ana b7ebb [Me Gusta]” – No. Just no.

If you have any pic you did and would like to have it posted, don’t hesitate to contact me.

28 thoughts on “Introducing: Lebanese Memes

  1. Man, 9GAG sucks. Most internet memes and rage comics are misused there. Not to mention the userbase is horrible. At least call it Lebanese Rage Comics not “9gag”.


  2. Lemme put it this way, if the internet had a digestive system, 9gag would be the shit. sometimes “the shit” means the awesome thing, no, not in my sentence.
    It is where all the internet hipsters go to browse misused memes that have been created somewhere else (all credit goes to 4chan and reddit basically). And at the end of the day, they call the rage faces “9gag faces”.

    nobody has to be qualified to find memes funny, but misusing them is what makes the website very much hated.. Don’t be proud to be a 9gager.

    About your comic, not bad 5/10



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