Carrie Underwood & Steven Tyler Rocking CMT Crossroads

For those who thought Carrie Underwood didn’t have it in her, she just proved you wrong. Carrie Underwood not only shone next to Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler, she also gave him a run for his money. Not only was the CMT Crossroads featuring both stars spectacular, it was also very rocking.

Prior to the show, Steven Tyler had said Carrie Underwood was the reason he joined the American Idol judging panel:

“You were why I took judging for ‘Idol,’ you are exactly why. Not only could you sing good, but you adapted to this…it’s a pit! It’s a deep, dark, ominous pit. And you get out there on-stage at night with that band, that great band you’ve got and you make people feel happy, first and foremost. All the rest, if people knew what we went through to get out on that stage… you have gotten past that and not a lot of people do – they have to get through drugs and alcohol, booze and divorces and even those didn’t make it. You were a natural at it.”

Carrie, in her turn, replied that Tyler was one of her inspirations growing up:

“I remember as a very small child, I could pick your voice out. Even then, you know that it’s different, you know that it’s special and can pick it out from a million other voices. You were definitely part of what gave me that musical, laid-back, in-the-pocket sensibility on albums and stuff like that.”

So without further ado, the videos:


Dream On/Just a Dream:

Before He Cheats:

Undo It/Walk This Way:



2 thoughts on “Carrie Underwood & Steven Tyler Rocking CMT Crossroads

  1. Carrie proved again why she is truly the real “Entertainer of the Year” – hopefully this concert, Tony Bennett tribute, and “Art Thou” viral video will help her win next year after her 4th cd drops + amazing tour to come. Steven and her seems to have a real chemistry and friendship… and I loved all the compliments from Steven during the telecast. I only wish the “mic” and soundmix were better… the sound guy seemed to use distortion to help Steven, but then it hurt Carrie since her powerful vocals were buried behind the rock sound a bit… still, the show was so full of energy and spunk that it really sent the message home to world – Carrie means business and can do no wrong. bravo


    • She was great. Her BHC performance was top notch.
      I think her winning will depend on her label and on how good her album is, tbh. No degree of “stage presence” will matter if the material is not there. Hopefully it will be.
      Guess we’ll know when GG drops.



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