Happy Birthday JC!

Happy birthday to my middle brother, Jean Claude, who turns 20 today. I’m fairly certain he will never read this (he has a thing against reading in general – except if it’s a Facebook chat with a crush/love interest/hot girl/you get the drift) – but what brother would I be if I didn’t wish him a happy birthday from here, right?

I may be still bugged by the fact that both of us will vote together next year, despite me being two years older, but I guess I should make sure I start brainwashing as soon as possible. We don’t want him to make the “wrong” choice next year now, would we?

Either way, as you embark on a new decade of your life, my dear brother, I wish you the best of the best: plenty of health, success and for the love of your family to still be here for you. You and I may be more like gunpowder and lead but I still love you and can’t imagine my life without you.

So here’s for 80 birthdays more. Too bad I won’t be able to eat cake. I think we should have a talk with mom and dad as to why they birthed you around lent. Or I should probably ask myself why I went extra religious this year.

Le brother and I back in the days - Palm Sunday in case you're wondering. Our parents sure loved to match us

Happiest birthday! 😀

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