A New “Fatwa”: Girls Cannot Sit With Their Fathers Unless Their Mothers Are Present

This is a picture of a newspaper article in Arabic that I saw circulating today.

The article translates to: “Muslim sheikh Mohammad Al Aarifi warned girls saying that some young girls sit in front of their fathers with a nice body, wearing tight outfits, showing cleavage such as when short blouses and tight pants are worn. She is young, her father is young and he might, therefore, hit on her if he saluted her or kissed her or hugged her…”

Simply put… What did I just read?

Some people need to be neutered. Or perhaps some regulation as to how can actually analyze any form of religious scripture needs to be enforced.

And I thought the “banana fatwa” was stupid enough. In case you didn’t know, another “sheikh” decided that girls shouldn’t consume bananas or cucumbers because of their sexually provocative nature as vegetables and fruits. Where do these people come from again?

10 thoughts on “A New “Fatwa”: Girls Cannot Sit With Their Fathers Unless Their Mothers Are Present

    • Hahaha – nah, men are allowed anything. It’s one of the perks of having all religiously-influential men be from your gender, especially when their heads are still in the dark ages. They never do something that can deter you from “pleasure” :p


  1. well,
    he want to say that a daughter must not sit infront of father while wearing tight cloths,shorts ,etc. he is absolutely right,
    girls dressings now a days is fitna itself.
    he has given a good precaution for young girls having somehow young father.
    anyhow he is right ..
    you have to think just.
    may Allah guide all of you and me as well.



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