A Lebanese Fight On MEA Plane from Paris to Beirut

Leave it to the Lebanese to forget every bit of “civilization” they’ve learned in Paris the moment their plane leaves the tarmac to their home country.

The first is “ebn l Chouf,” the second is “ebn Baalbak” because one’s region is enough threat apparently. Soon enough, the crew is involved in calming the men, followed by calls for every Holy figure known to man. Yes, a typical Lebanese fight – at several kilometers in the air – down to those filming planning to post it on YouTube the moment they land.

Well, the video is on Facebook and you can watch it here or on YouTube:

Does anyone know why they were fighting in the first place?

9 thoughts on “A Lebanese Fight On MEA Plane from Paris to Beirut

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  2. I read that the man standing up got drunk and harassed a woman, which is why the other man interfered and that’s essentially how to fight started.

    That’s only what I heard, it could be a rumor.


    • Thanks for the reply. I guess it’ll all become known in a couple of days. Regardless, they’ve made a fool out of themselves and brought us some serious piece of entertainment :p



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