Lebanese Authorities Do Not Allow Madonna Concert

According to Al Nahar, Lebanese authorities refused to grant Imad Qanso, a regular fixture for concerts and events in Lebanom, permisssion to have a Madonna concert in Lebanon.

The cause for their refusal was, according to them, Madonna’s statements that the biggest portion of her concert’s revenue goes to the Israeli department of defense.

I’m not a fan but I know people who are actually traveling to watch her perform in UAE and Turkey and who were asking how come she didn’t make a pitstop for a gig in Lebanon.

Either way, I hardly think religious active groups and the BDS would have let the concert be had Madonna been allowed. And while I’m more inclined to see the point of view of the refusal in this case, I still disagree with it. She may be pro-Israeli but she shouldn’t be forbidden from singing here.



11 thoughts on “Lebanese Authorities Do Not Allow Madonna Concert

  1. This is shame, please leave politics on a side ,,, this is music and art.
    we the real Lebanese,we welcome every body .$ bubai $ is not better than us.
    we are more Europeans than all the countries in the middle east ,we respect art
    and music a lot, we love madona and lara fabein and all others.
    we want our heads up when we go to USA and Europe not down cause we did not allow
    madona “one of the biggest entertainers in the world” to get in lebanon .
    we should thank god that she is coming, so she give a message to the world that lebanon is a great country…
    shame on this gouvrement.


    • The problem with this is that she has said that money from her concerts go for Israel to buy weapons. In a way, I understand not letting her perform here more than banning someone just because they had a concert in Israel.


  2. This really shows that Madonna’s career is over. She was banned once in Lebanon in 1992 and this time once again. I’m of Lebanese ancestry and very proud of it. I would never allow someone like Madonna to be in my country. She truly is disgusting and she’s the most blasphemous person in history. I hope she dies soon. I hate that bitch so much. She will truly end in the lake of fire and sulphur. Die Madonna bitch, die!.


  3. I believe that Madonna should be allowed to perform in Lebanon because she is one of the hottest personalities on TV, and she would bring popularity to Lebanon, maybe in the future more celebrities would come to the cosmopolitan city of Beirut, such as Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Katy Perry, who knows?
    And for the part where most of the money goes to Israel, we should show our brain to the people and show that we want peace with Israel.


  4. They shouldn’t ban it because there’s a lot of fans of Madonna in Lebanon (like me) and we’re waiting for their lives to see her in Lebanon (and katy perry because I’m a katycat)



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