Lebanese Newborn Abandoned… Eaten by Stray Dogs

The DailyStar has reported that a one day old newborn, abandoned by her mother, was found dead after being eaten by stray dogs in Saida.

To say some people should never EVER be parents is an understatement. The little baby’s parents need to be found and brought to jail. I don’t care what the circumstances of the mother giving up her little girl are. Nothing excuses such an act.
I’m sure she’s indifferent – even happy – her daughter served as a midnight meal for animals.

6 thoughts on “Lebanese Newborn Abandoned… Eaten by Stray Dogs

  1. > I’m sure she’s indifferent – even happy – her daughter served as a midnight meal for animals.

    Unnecessary cheap shot.


    • Not really.
      When she got the pregnancy to term and delivered, knowing that she doesn’t want the child, you’d think she would have had at least an idea what to do with her.
      So yes, she’s indifferent.


  2. Really? You actually think the mother is a happy person now?? You have no clue about the circumstances, so you are in no position to judge. I actually feel sorry for the mother. If she wanted the infant dead, she could have killed her herself. If i had to venture a guess, I would say she was probably hoping someone would find the infant and take care of her. In a society where poverty is rampant, where a girl is ostracized for having premarital sex, even if it was through rape, where rape and violence committed by family members goes unpunished, where education and free proper health care are scarce, where decisions regarding public health policies such as sex education and abortion laws are based on medieval theologies (christian and muslim), where a child born out of wedlock is officially registered as a “bastard”, where “honor” is valued more than human rights and individual freedoms, you cannot automatically blame the mother and automatically decide that she is a horrible person. Spare us your elitist indignation.


    • I am in a position to judge when she completed her pregnancy only to throw her child at the side of the road. Many families are dying for a child. Many orphanages would have been more than willing to take in the little girl. Why didn’t she go to them?
      Taboos dictate that she throw the child at a place where feral dogs are present?
      Everything you mentioned in your comment does not explain her actions. Many other mothers go through the same thing. Most of them do not throw their children like that.


      • I totally agree with you. The newborn was 1 DAY old. I can’t say for sure that the mother got rid of the baby. Maybe her husband did it. Who knows? But clearly they didn’t want it and to dispose of it so casually is inhuman and defies basic human rights. And to even hint they had no other option is ridiculous. They probably left the poor baby next to garbage bins where stray dogs usually look for food! Was it because of their situation or “honor” or because of the baby’s gender? Yes, they could have gotten rid of the newborn because it was a girl. Again who knows? But NOTHING justifies what they did.
        I’m only sorry we don’t have a system to punish such a behavior. These “people” need to be brought to justice.



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