Hot or Not? Some AUB Students Start iGossip – Vote For Girls Against Each Other

Some students seriously have way too much free time. I sort of envy them, not for the thing they started here though.

Some AUB students decided to have AUB girls pitted against each other where you vote for the “hotter” one in order to determine the hottest 10 girls at AUB.

So much wrong in this.

Check out the website here. I also advise you not to start clicking.

I don’t think AUB should let students squander its name like this.

13 thoughts on “Hot or Not? Some AUB Students Start iGossip – Vote For Girls Against Each Other

      • I was thinking about that and actually we have been through a lot of weird stuff.

        Last year they did the same thing at April’s fool but never displayed the results. Instead they wrote a message 24 hours after launching the site with all the hits and the numbers stating that only 3 or 4 girls out of around 200 emailed the team to get their picture removed. They also very explicitly mentioned how pathetic we have been for voting (the number were quite shocking…) I think that was really smart!

        There has also been blogs, fake facebook profiles, fake twitter accounts posting gossips and sometimes even bullying other students.

        Teenagers just want attention and now they can do all that bullying anonymously with all these social networks. It is really sad…


      • I don’t have a daughter so maybe I can’t really feel it but as far as I’m concerned I don’t think it’s such a big deal. Then, they should be mature enough to know that their appearances is only what counts. Anyway, that’s my point of view. Nice blog 🙂


        • I think you’d change your mind if you had a daughter. I think this is degrading.
          Students have apparently too much time on their hands. The fact that they did something like this means they think looks is what matters, which is sad.
          When I went to school, it was just to learn and make friends – not to rate those friends according to hotness.
          Either way, thank you for reading 🙂


  1. Haha nice blog, but you shouldn’t be criticizing them for having too much free time. I think you even have more free time than them for creating a blog and keeping it updated daily! iGossips does the code and that’s it, users use it and they’re peobably monetazing a huge traffic, but hey look at you, you’re wasting free time publishing things no one cares about all day long. For free.


    • I’m a medical student. So no, I don’t have too much free time. This blog doesn’t take much of my time.
      And if you think what I’m writing is useless, then you should stop reading it, commenting on it and wasting your time on it.



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