Arabs Got Talent – Lord Gaga X

The Arabs now have their wannabe version of Lady Gaga in the form of a Syrian guy who calls himself Lord Gaga (because he’s a guy).

I don’t watch this show nor do I want to, especially after this, but Lord Gaga actually trended on Twitter yesterday.

And what’s worse? I’ll just let you watch the video and see what the judges decided.

If this is what talent is nowadays…. I really don’t know what to say.

13 thoughts on “Arabs Got Talent – Lord Gaga X

  1. HAHA, thats funny
    but whats good, he’s no professional and he got the moves from the videos.
    I’d like to see what “better-than-gaga” will he produce

    And one thing i know, Lady Gaga is never taken seriously in the arab world. THE WOMAN HAS DONE GREAT THINGS IN THE US but they still think of her as a freak-show here


  2. Their marketing tactic is a little too obvious…they let him through because they anticipated the buzz he would bring to the show…which is sad because they’re showing audiences what they regard as talent = making a complete ass of yourself…
    and even sadder because the show is a global format = international audiences are waiting to see what Arabs got to offer….

    one chick attempts to perform the classic solo from Chicago…completely destroys it…I actually thought they would make fun of her (which is expected from these shows) instead they act like it’s the first time they see a performance from a musical and let her through… i’m sorry but the girl was really bad…out of performance talent whatsoever…and i think this reflects ignorance on the judges’ part….

    then again, you can turn around and say: it’s “Arabs got talent” since we’re used to underminding any imitation of the west.


  3. Poor guy came out to the world before coming out to himself. I feel so bad for him :-/

    The judges are obviously all making fun of him. I think they voted yes just to have another laugh…



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