When Lebanese MPs Fall Asleep in Parliamentary Sessions

The following picture was apparently from a previous parliamentary session in 2006 by Al Liwaa newspaper. They are saying he was picking up something from the floor. I guess take this picture the way your logic tells you. 

We made fun of the Egyptian salafis for doing it. Now it’s our turn. MP Baqradonian (sp?) was found fast asleep during the country’s latest parliamentary sessions regarding the government.

Were they this boring? I wouldn’t really know. Somehow the idea of watching half a parliament bicker away and not really change anything isn’t at the top of my TV-priority list.

And by the looks of it, it’s not even on Baqradonian’s. Those eyeglasses must be very uncomfortable and the masb7a was not entertaining enough, apparently. Sleep tight, mr. MP. I’m fairly certain you’ll be back in 2013, with a pillow this time.

Dreaming of a better country, I hope


5 thoughts on “When Lebanese MPs Fall Asleep in Parliamentary Sessions

  1. First of all the picture has no relation with the sessions of the past three days.a simple look to the desk shows that it is taken years ago before the renovation of the parliament.secondly it has been taken by al liwa newspaperphotographer and published in al liwa years ago.thirdly the photographer himself apologized for the comment and he mentioned to his newspaper that Pakradounian was not sleeping and was just picking something and hence the position.


    • No need to feel offended. I have no way of knowing the time of the picture just based on the wood in the picture. Either way, if it happened years ago or yesterday, it is still valid.
      Him picking up an object would be way too convenient.

      Either way, no need to get up a fit. I didn’t curse the MP.


  2. This is a 10 year old picture (or even more) taken by Liwaa newspapers photographer. After the picture was on media, he apologized stating that he was not sleeping and picking a pen from the ground.
    It’s amazing how media can be misleading and how would people capitalize on it. #fakenews



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