Alain Aoun & Ahmad Fatfat: When Lebanese MPs Go Wild In Session

As our honorable MPs exchanged accusations of corruption, treason and theft, none stood out as much as FPM’s Alain Aoun and FM’s Ahmad Fatfat.

Alain Aoun to Ahmad Fatfat: Enta fejer!

Fatfat to Aoun: Ma 7ada m3allem l fjour gheir m3allmak!

Here’s a proposition that needs to be included in the upcoming electoral law:

– Any candidate needs to have gone through twenty four rounds of anger management courses until the following accusations do not get him/her to explode: thief, Israel-traitor, corrupt, silly, useless, etc.

Who wants to bet that we will see both Alain Aoun and Ahmad Fatfat in 2013’s parliament?

Until then, fi a7la men fjour l nouwweb? Tfeh.

3 thoughts on “Alain Aoun & Ahmad Fatfat: When Lebanese MPs Go Wild In Session

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