The Dark Knight Rises Release Date in Lebanon

This is downright unacceptable!


I don’t get how we get The Hunger Games, The Avengers, The Amazing SpiderMan a day before they’re released in the United States yet when it comes to the summer’s most anticipated movie, we have to wait a whole month. What’s the logic behind this? You have no clue? Well likewise my friend, likewise.

How about we start a petition or something to bring the movie’s release date up to normal and acceptable standards (July 19th would be so awesome, being St. Elias’ day and all)? As it stands, a whole month wait is unacceptable and unjustified.

When I get to watch a movie like Mirror Mirror two weeks before it’s released in the United States, the least our theaters can do is let us watch the most anticipated movie of the year not a month after it’s released elsewhere and its hype starts dying down – let alone it possibly leaking on low quality cam-recorded DVDs.

You might want to check out the most recent trailer for the movie in order to get you more involved.


Apparently the delay is because Ramadan happens to be in July this year. So let me get this – no movies are released during Ramadan because Muslims don’t watch movies after Iftar? Impeccable logic I have to say. 

15 thoughts on “The Dark Knight Rises Release Date in Lebanon

  1. Actually from a moviegoer’s point of view I am as unhappy as you (I’m dying to see The Dark Knight Rises). However, from a commercial point of view, it seems obvious to delay the movie to maximize profit. If you look at years past, movie releases during the month of Ramadan are limited to a few small movies and then the first day of the Eid usually sees the release of 3 to 4 big movies (sometimes more). This year August 16 will see the release of The Dark Knight Rises, Disney/Pixar’s Brave and The Expendables 2.


    • It’s the same thing. Those that will watch before Ramadan will do so and those that want to wait can wait. If no other movies are released, it won’t be taken out of theaters.


  2. Im a muslim, and this is NOT acceptable. I’ve emailed grand cinemas twice, and to two different email addresses. They have not responded. I also suggested having an advanced screening in July, then releasing the movie whenever the hell they want to. i’ve been waiting for this movie since TDK came out, and now it is about to be spoiled.

    They did the same thing to captain america last year. They released it days before the Eid, and cinemas were packed. Why not have one, JUST one advanced screening for the real fans of this movie, then release it officially in August? I din’t know about you guys, but I think this movie wasnt made to be watched in a cinema filled with kids making a whole lot of noise.

    Lets sign a petition or something regarding this, and take it to a cinema manager.


  3. Just add this to the long list of S@#t that Lebanese have to endure being Lebanese!
    If a Muslim doesn’t want to watch the movie during Ramadan then The hell with him!
    Do they really want to always make other unhappy because this month has started !
    every year something has to happen!
    K#@s Ekh@#$ hal shaghleh!L3ama !
    we are not in a Muslim country ! or a Christian one!
    it’s all the censorship and the wrong values that this stupid government has that is Ruining EVERY THING Lebanon stands for!
    Seariously isn’t it about Fing time People Grew the Hell UP!!!! 😦


  4. I was furious about the same shit with Ted. It was released officially in June 30 and its release date in Lebanon is August 30. But don’t worry, they are showing Flypaper, which makes sense showing an 2011 movie across Lebanon. Fuck it we are late at EVERYTHING here.


    Movie theaters in lebanon are part of groups in the middle east. Grand Cinemas is based in the Gulf. Here in UAE for example, it will not be released neither. Nowadays movie theaters make 75% of their profits from the snacks, food and drinks. I am in the UAE for the vacation, and here the iftar is at 7:15. Hence the movie revenue in Ramadan is SO LOW compared to other periods. This is why grand cinemas decided to postpone this till after Ramadan and sadly Lebanon has to follow. I cant wait an extra month, I swear…
    I reminisce on the days we had EMPIRE cinemas buying movies a week before they were released in the states. (remember the old spiderman 1 anyone ?? :P)


  6. Screw’em, i’m getting it on dvd from the internet … And when it finally is released i’m not gonna watch it … Why the bloody hell doesn’t Grand Cinemas make an exception for Lebanon ? This country was always known to be different from the rest of its neighbours … It should be the exception to the rule.



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