The Truth Behind Boutros Harb “Bowing” To Feltman

The following picture spread around like wildfire these past couple of days. Those against Boutros Harb started going on about how he was going back to his “roots” of bowing to those who are “superior.” (Yes, I have heard this being said.). Those that support him figured it can’t be true. I am neither a blind supporter nor a hater, so I simply didn’t care.

Typical Lebanese positions.

But there’s a video now to show which side was right. It looks like the picture was a very cheap shot by Assafir. They knew what he was doing and still published it anyway.


32 thoughts on “The Truth Behind Boutros Harb “Bowing” To Feltman

  1. In the video, as Boutros Harb was about to sit, he executed many bows going from 20 degrees to 40 and deeper to 80 degrees before his master. You don’t need to bow at 80 degrees to be able to sit down. Look at the video in very slow motion. The video’s intent is to distract the viewer from the core of the problem by showing that they were about to sit.

  2. Yessssssssss look at him bow to his Master! Of course he waited until after he met and shook hands with him, and until all the cameramen rallied up to shoot him perform this profound act of servitude in the 2nd room but WAIT! If you really slow the video down, and go frame by frame, you can actually see he’s FAKING to sit down. Yes. What he actually meant to do was BOW. You can see it in his eyes at frame 552. The sitting part and the whole “invitation to sit down” act was all a cover-up. In fact, I think that this entire footage is fake and that the headlines of Assafir and Tayyar were objectively factual as usual. I’m even surprised they didn’t mention S&M while they’re at it! It is definitely not a cheap shot and if I were Boutros Harb I would not sue for slander! So shame on you Boutros Harb. Why didn’t you bow to your Master right away, huh?? Show some respect! *whip*
    PS: I think stupidity should be illegal. Just saying.

  3. I wrote an article about Boutros Harb and his master. Please leave me your email address so I can sen it to you. The articel was published on the International section of

  4. PLease check the link
    Appreciate your feedback.

    The issue of who is and who is not credible in Lebanon and elsewhere is a different and interesting topic. The media in general is hardly objective but most of the time bias.

    Also please send it to your other friend Lynxetter. Best,

    • You seriously think I’ll be able to take such a thing seriously?
      I wasn’t under the impression they give us crash courses in body language in med school as well.

      If a video is not enough to convince you, then my job here is done.

    • And you want to see things that are simply not there to see, hearthings that are not there to hear, in order to please a political current that’s as paranoid as the article you shared.

  5. They are all evil but the “Bloc and Reform” is the lesser evil. The only party that is fighting corruption with little progress. The party that is trying to find a solution for the electricity. The party that knows that poverty may become a threat to civil order…..

  6. Why can’t there be a debate in the parliament about corruption? Where are the politicians to challenge Aoun in his fight against corruption. Where are the cowards??
    Do you live in Lebanon? If yes,what is your electrical bill?

    • Aoun is fighting corruption? Aoun is as corrupt as they come. Gebran Bassil, the minister of energy, is even more corrupt than his father in law. Yes, I am in Lebanon. And you are not. The FPM are nowhere near the saints you make them out to be. They are despicable.

    • why doesnt he just give us the proof he has then instead of constantly threatening everyone with it. he has a medi outlet at his disposition who wont distort anything. so i say bring it 🙂 we’ve been waiting for years

  7. Why can’t other politicians prove what you said about corruption?
    I have a house in Lebanon and pay two electrical bills and my mother is also paying two electrical bills and you TOO are paying two electrical bills.

    • Because it’s a given. Because it has become so ingrained that it doesn’t even deserve a proof.
      You have a house in Lebanon? I have three. I also live there, which you don’t. I pay two electrical bills too, yes. Well newsflash, the ministers who have been handling the ministry of energy have either been FPM or FPM allies for the past 20 years.
      And if you’re seriously going to wrap up the entirety of the country’s problems with paying two electrical bills, then there’s not much for us to do here when it comes to discussion.

      I hope you enjoy living in your FPM utopian bubble.

  8. You have eyes and do not see and you have ears and do not hear.
    I hope that you will have 50 houses in the future.
    But please do not do politics. Because people who think like you have missed the train.

    • Dude, how about you come back from the States and come live here then preach?
      And yeah, the only person who missed the train here is you and the FPM nutjob you support. Change and reform? LOL?

  9. The faster way even faster than the speed of light is the “thought process”. A rocket kills. People who handle rockets do not think clearly unfortunately. They think slowly and that is why they miss the train and plane and so on…

    What do you do for a living?

    • Sadly the people who handle rockets are non-other than the allies of “change & reform.”
      Thought is important, perhaps you should do it more often to see exactly how much change and reform is actually hypocrisy and lies.

      I’m a medical student.

  10. I thought you were a young guy based on your answers. I am right. Medicine is a nice profession. Medical school makes us become human, humble and close to the sufferings of the people. We are different and fight for life unlike Geagea who was a medical student licensed to kill.


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