Tayyar.org, Are You Seriously Proud Of This?

Tayyar.org thinks the discourse in the screenshot below is honorable and high-level enough for them to flaunt it on their website. As I said before, that website is to me akin to a tabloid. This only reinforces that. How is this reporting news? How is this reporting anything meaningful? How is this in any way useful?

This goes to the website that published it and both participants in the conversation. Did the so-called activist make a dent? Of course not. Does he think he’s more relevant now? Of course yes. Did Saad Hariri accomplish anything from this? Definitely not. Is he still bothered by it? Of course not.

How about we take all our “activism” regardless of political affiliation, pull it together in one nice basket, and cast it in a ballot 12 months from now?

It is here that I address Saad Hariri directly. You want to reply to snarky tweeps? How about you go all the way through? Some person is harassing you with his/her version of “facts” and commentary you can prove is unfounded? As BeirutSpring said – “let them have it.” On the other hand, you can be the better man and simply not reply. But please, if you choose to reply, draw a boundary where a person can’t call you a “retard” and end up becoming a hero for doing so.

For a country with a multitude of problems some people sure like to be amazed at what’s irrelevant.

There are other tweets as well that go along this way:

I find this too silly to be taken seriously. But I’m not running a political website for a political party gearing up for elections so what do I know?

16 thoughts on “Tayyar.org, Are You Seriously Proud Of This?

    • Exactly. Either stop tweeting useless things or say something meaningful. Those who don’t support him never will. Perhaps when the desert floods. So if they are harassing him, either shrug them off or, as I said, let them have it.


  1. Sadly i cannot but agree

    Regardless of my opinion on politics and politicians, I am sad that a party I devoted 20 years of my life time for, and worked badly so to people look up to, ends up at this low level of ludicrousness…
    I am glad I dissociated my self to a “separate state” 😉 of political mind, and that all this time served went to what I believed in, for Lebanon. And it continues to do so…


    • Many people share your opinion I’m sure. While I’m not with the party you mentioned, I don’t think this is a political matter as it is a matter of principle. There is no way to justify flaunting this on a political website if they weren’t proud of its content.
      And if they are proud of such content, then it’s quite worrying.


    • I totally agree with you, I’m way too disappointed of what things came to, quite worrying as Elie said. I don’t know if I can call it “brain washing” but there is definitely something wrong.


  2. They are all lowering the standards, way down!! When something as lame as this is a source of pride then anything is expected. You will find people sharing and laughing at this, hope it doesn’t appear on OTV news. Concerning Hariri, replying and being dragged to this level is an unacceptable mistake in my opinion


    • That’s now I saw it. I don’t follow Jean on twitter so I saw this when a pro-FPM person shared it on Facebook. Hariri shouldn’t have replied. I’m sure he receives worse tweets. No clue what happened to him.
      But if he wants to reply, say something meaningful.


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