Shadi Mawlawi: The Most Famous Man in Lebanon Today

He has a Facebook account!

Observations from his account are as follows:

1 – His username is chadoudeh. No clue what that means but it’s very unsalafist, in my opinion.

2 – He “likes” so many Arabic pages my eyes immediately lost focus. Facebook is not equipped for this. He is a fan of KFC & Masters Chips though – I guess he likes junk food.

3 – He’s “friends” with MP Mohammad Kabbara. I’m not sure if that’s the MP’s official account or someone faking it.

4 – He likes Osama Ben Laden. Duh!

5 – He wants to become a martyr. 

6 – He is one of the “moujahidin” who want to free up the Islamic world from blasphemy and tyranny.

7 – His taste in books and movies is not very eclectic.

8 – He went to a Christian school… but turned out to be a salafist anyway. Let’s come up with new Salafism-preventing theories.

His brother called him a “normal citizen.” With the arrest of this “normal citizen” the whole city of Tripoli was ignited and civil strife became a threat. This “normal citizen” thing is going around a lot lately, don’t you think? I’ve seen it way too many times in different sides of the political spectrum. I shall deem the condition a disease – normal citizenitis is the name. Let’s try to find a cure where no one is above the law, regardless of what they might or might not have done.


13 thoughts on “Shadi Mawlawi: The Most Famous Man in Lebanon Today

  1. You made my day with this post!!! 😀
    Honestly I was expecting him to have “Fadel Shaker” between the pages he likes, sorry I mean “فضل شاكر”…
    “A cure where no one is above the law”? You’d better have preceded it with: “I have a dream” if you want my opinion :-/


    • He likes a Haifa Wehbe related page :p
      Yet again, my eyes couldn’t stay focused on his pages long. Too much Arabic for my taste in such a small space of screen. He also uses Facebook in Arabic, obviously. I don’t have Arabic on my keyboards :p


  2. you have no idea who he is so dnt say things that are not right u stupid americans think that we are terrorist but we are not we are a family we help each other nit like u guys keep fight in rascism title so get a life and put urself in the middle of a fight that u cant even try to understand


  3. I checked his page, couldn’t find the Bin Laden photo u posted though… Seems like he hasn’t signed in to FB on April 25. I also don’t find anything incriminating in his page.

    Funny you should mention he went to a Christian school because among his super stuffed Arabic pages he likes, he’s also in a page called” Muslim Christian Dialogue” and “The Doctors” does this make him less Salafist?

    If u should know “Chadoudeh” is similar to “Lello” or “Lallous” ya elie, a nickname.


    • You need to go back to find it. I obviously didn’t fake the screenshots.

      I don’t get the second question – is it rhetoric or are you taking a jab at me? If it’s the latter, then I hardly think “liking” two pages which don’t oppose salafism (I suppose they don’t) can explain add a whole new dimension for his ideology.

      I didn’t know Chadi had that nickname and I figured it’d be something else seeing as his Facebook name has nothing to do with his real name.



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