Carrie Underwood Discusses Her Album “Blown Away”

With the album sitting atop the top-selling albums chart for a second week, Carrie Underwood has taken some time out of her very busy schedule to talk about the 14 songs that make up “Blown Away.” You can check out my review of the album here as well as all the lyrics for the songs here.

Some of the songs gain a different meaning. Others are still pretty-self explanatory. Overall, this is an interesting series of videos that anyone who has listened to the album, or is interested in listening to, should watch:

1 – Good Girl

2 – Blown Away

3 – Two Black Cadillacs

4 – See You Again

5 – Do You Think About Me

6 – Forever Changed

7 – Nobody Ever Told You

8 – One Way Ticket

9 – Thank God For Hometowns

10 – Good in Goodbye

11 – Leave Love Alone

12 – Cupid’s Got a Shotgun

13 – Wine After Whiskey

14 – Who Are You

Blown Away is a great album. It’s an eclectic mix of styles. You’ll find something there to suit your taste, unless you are only into trance in which case you’re out of luck. I’m a bigger fan of the slower songs on it but the uptempos are great as well. If you haven’t given it a listen, you should do so. Odds are you’ll end up buying it.


2 thoughts on “Carrie Underwood Discusses Her Album “Blown Away”

  1. Carrie is very well spoken and at ease here… she seems like she is even more into writing these songs (with others of course) than on PLAY ON. I truly hope she finally gets some credit for her consistently amazing songwriting… if you compare Carrie’s last 6 number one songs she co-wrote they are pretty diverse compositions when compared to the more repetitive, simple songs that Taylor writes and gets so much praise for. I also pray that BA gets a boat load of Best Album awards next year.



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