Maronite Patriarch Bechara Al Raï Changing Opinions Towards Syria?

I had heard that the patriarch received a figurative slap on the wrist from the Vatican for the drastic detour he took the Maronite church aboard. With his latest statements, he’s on a change of course.

This is more than a welcome change for Bkerki’s discourse, one that takes it back to the historical path it was always known for: where Maronites do not cower away from telling things like they are and hiding behind the fake protection of dictatorships.

“The Syrian regime is dictatorial and the Lebanese have suffered from it…Assad’s collapse does not affect at all the presence of Christians in Syria.”

Now let him go back to where the Maronite church stood regarding Hezbollah’s weapons and I’d be one happy member of the congregation. After all, he seems to be listening to my advice.

7 thoughts on “Maronite Patriarch Bechara Al Raï Changing Opinions Towards Syria?

      • No, it’s not.

        But he looks and sounds like a flop. And how many times does he want to change what he says?

        This country already has one Walid Jumblatt, it doesn’t need another.


        • I wouldn’t judge him harshly. It’s what others were doing to Sfeir before him and I despised that.
          I don’t agree with his previous stances. But he seems to be changing his mind and going back to what he believed in to begin with. I hope he doesn’t turn into a weather vane.


      • The difference was Sfeir never changed his positions. Even in the face of (arguably) more adversity during his time as Patriarch, Sfeir maintained his stances.

        Whereas Rai has now managed to through a variety of positions in such a short period of time.



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