Spotted in Achrafieh: Lebanon’s Neo-Nazis?

Because it doesn’t make sense not to have something of everything in Lebanon, we also have our own Neo-Nazis. Have they read Mein Kampf? I doubt. Do they know what Nazism stands for? I doubt as well.

I really have a hard time understanding how someone’s mentality could actually bring them to be this convinced with Hitler and his ideology that they’d take the time to paint the swastika on a building in Beirut. I even know one person from my hometown who wears the swastika around his neck.

7 thoughts on “Spotted in Achrafieh: Lebanon’s Neo-Nazis?

  1. If they had read Mein Kampf they’d know we weren’t far down below the Jews in Hitler’s extermination list. The only thing they see in Hitler was his hate for Jews, but do they know the reason behind it? I sincerely doubt that. It’s funny though how the most uneducated are the most outspoken.


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  3. do we know what nazism stands for? do You even know what we stand for? if you look back at history you will see hitler having a meeting with a sheikh, you will see that nazis attended a meeting held by martin luther king and actually supported their belief, as you will also see a newspaper written at the beginning of wwii speaking about judea declaring war on germany and not the other way around, so please, keep your uneducated thoughts to yourself next time
    and here’s a link for you skeptics :


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