A Meteor Shower in Lebanon

It’s a bird? A plane? a UFO?

No. It’s super-…

Ah, nevermind.

Lebanon was hit by a meteor shower earlier tonight, which I missed similarly to how that last earthquake totally went past me as well. I guess when it comes to mother nature’s displays, I am not “lucky” enough to be included.

Of course, in typical Lebanese fashion, the jokes about the astronomical event are well underway. From Miriam Nour coming back home to Sergio Ramos’ ball finally reaching Lebanon, you name it.

I guess we wouldn’t be Lebanese if we couldn’t just enjoy something for what it is. Or it could be UFOs attacking – I’m pretty sure some people think so. Or some missiles sent it in by some foreign nation we don’t like. It could be that too!

And these are videos by MTV Lebanon. (Here)

16 thoughts on “A Meteor Shower in Lebanon

  1. You can’t say that UFOs are attacking.
    1. It will cause panic between “neswen el sob7iyye” You know Lebanon.
    2.UFOs are unidentified things. It could be a rock. Rocks cant attack.

    I missed the earthquake too :/
    But I didn’t miss this because of MTV’s Breaking News report.


  2. The UFO went along the Israeli coast as well. It saw the preparations for the gay pride rally in Tel Aviv which scared the shyt out of the aliens. So much for probing time. That’s when it decided to move up north, but it didn’t land in Lebanon either. Unimaginably so, something in Lebanon must have scared it more than hundreds of thousands of flamboyant gay boys. I wonder what it was though.


  3. Hey , nice blog.
    Regarding what u have mentioned above , And from my personal point of view, that picture above is no meteor, I have seen many many meteors in my life in all different colors and shapes, but none of them leaves a trail behind like that, usually meteors leaves a sharp pointed trail, but in this case it rather small near the object and larger at its end, which means its not a meteor.
    More over what many people have missed or didn’t mention, is all the other star like objects were flying at extreme high speed , sometimes in pairs , and when I say many I mean many, in Zahle example my whole neighborhood where witnessing at least a dozen of them crossing the sky silently at a very high level , and leaving no trail behind, some of them when off with no light but suddenly will start flashing a strong bright light.
    I have seen this UFO from Beirut , and that’s doesn’t mean it have to be of an extra-terrestrial origin.
    UFO stands for unidentfied flying object.and at the same time, over viber my sister was telling me about it from Zahle …
    So all I’m saying is that it’s time for u guys to wake up an take things more seriously .
    Thanks for reading =)


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