Amin Maalouf Honored at the French Academy

The famous Lebanese author of “Le Rocher de Tanios” became a few days ago the first Lebanese ever to be inducted at the elite French Academy (l’Académie française) as one of of 40 living members chosen by the academy to represent the French language.

While being inducted, Maalouf wore the traditional academy clothes and held a sword on which he engraved a verse in Arabic written by his father, as well as the names of his wife and his 3 sons.

The sheath had the Cedar tree engraved on it, as well as the National French symbol. Maalouf had the following to say regarding the occasion.

“I bring with me everything that my two homelands have given me: my background, my languages, my convictions, my doubts and, more than anything perhaps, my dreams of harmony, progress and coexistence.”

Minister of Culture Gaby Layoun was present at the induction and commended Maalouf for the honor that he brought upon Lebanon with his achievment.

Banque de Liban has issued 1000 silver pieces with Maalouf’s face carved on them as a tribute to the honor he bestowed upon himself and his native country.

Kalam el Nas had an interesting interview with Maalouf in which he discussed the “Arab Spring” and his next novel. Make sure you watch it here:

Why didn’t this get the attention it deserves among Lebanese blogs and people? Because we were rolling our heads in the dirt of Myriam Klink and Nemr Abou Nassar while Amin Maalouf lifted his head up high in Paris.

Thank you Mr. Maalouf.


11 thoughts on “Amin Maalouf Honored at the French Academy

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  2. In his book, Le Rocher de Tanios, Maalouf makes a description of the surrounding cold that heaped praised from many francophone writers and novelists. Anybody knows what it is? Hint: It is a French translation of an old Lebanese proverb.



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