Carrie Underwood Covers “Fix You” by Coldplay at Royal Albert Hall Concert

Proving yet again that she can deliver songs better than their original performer, Carrie Underwood took on one of Coldplay’s most famous songs “Fix You” at her UK debut concert at the prestigious Royal Albert Hall.

If the name sounds familiar, it’s because Adele released a DVD late last year of her concert at the same venue.

Reporters and UK personalities present at the concert were gushing over Underwood’s vocals.

Some examples:

Dan Wooton from The Daily Mail tweeted the following:

@carrieunderwood That was one of the best performances I have ever seen. Thank you for a very special night x

ChartShowTV: Wow! @carrieunderwood was too good tonight in London! Her version of Coldplay’s Fix You was stunning!

And so I don’t bore you, here you go:

11 thoughts on “Carrie Underwood Covers “Fix You” by Coldplay at Royal Albert Hall Concert

    • I meant Coldplay’s live version. I’ve heard them on many times and Chris Martin isn’t the best live vocalist. Of course the recorded version doesn’t compare – it’s their song after all.

      But different tastes, I guess.


  1. I can appreciate her cover. It has a different taste from Coldplay’s version. Having said that, I think they are too different to compare. But she gave the song justice.

    Now I’m gonna go check her songs. Which ones do you recommend?


  2. Fact: Chris Martin is a weak vocalist Live……she did a great version of a great song, it was a fantastic concert and she really gave it her all……….brilliant band too


  3. Oh, one thing….I wish that she had done “Go Your Own Way” the Fleetwood Mac song from Rumours, Carries does a great version of that too………


  4. worlds best female singer ? No Carrie is not, she may be up there but not the best…..Katherine McPhee has the range ( octaves ) and smoother tone all the way up



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