Batroun Sets a World Record in Lemonade!

Because Batrounis make the world’s best lemonade, a world record was set today with the biggest amount of lemonade made.

Sure, it’s a silly world record that serves more as a distraction. But it’s fun and people seemed to get into it. And with it being done around noon, that left plenty of time for those who broke the record to go to awesome Batroun beaches.

Speaking of beaches, the lemonade that was prepared will be distributed all across the city, including beach goers, throughout the day. This is also comes at a good time with a cocaine scandal rocking one of the city’s venues, Taiga Cafe, only a few days ago.

Here are a couple of pictures from the event:


6 thoughts on “Batroun Sets a World Record in Lemonade!

  1. Hahaha 😀 this is actually awesome…and remember 98% of the world records are who cares? this is FUUUN.


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  3. I agree that this is probably not the most sophisticated world record, but in current weather I would definitely like a glass. I wonder if there is any any statistics which nation makes craziest records. I did some research on the internet and after reading this article I can say, Canadians will not be the winners.



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