How Some Lebanese “Support” the Lebanese Army

Concern for the Lebanese Army… How lovely.

Let’s go show support for our armed forces then. How to do that? How else? Let’s block the road for hours upon hours and leave everyone stranded until our “support” is shown.

The army shows up soon after tires start burning to ask those supporting it to stop whatever they’re doing. The supporters get into fights with the army. This happens only in Lebanon.

If anything, the protest that spanned the highway from Jounieh to Batroun yesterday showed that those claiming they were burning tires in support for the army aren’t doing that one bit. They are advancing their own political orangy agenda.

Our Rabieh dude tells us to take it to the streets? We take it to the streets. What are we protesting again?

I have to ask those who are über-concerned about the Lebanese army today: where was this concern when Samer Hanna was shot dead on his land, in the South, by other Lebanese?

Don’t worry, it’s not a rhetorical question. I will answer it for you. Your orangy leader was busy protecting Samer Hanna’s killers and he still is so he didn’t ask you to “support” the Lebanese Army. But you’ve probably forgotten about Samer Hanna by now.

Good job. Those scary Islamists are sure more appealing to protest against.

Where was your concern when Francois el Hajj and Wissam Eid were blown up until there was nothing left of them for their families? Shouldn’t their deaths have been enough for you to also “support” the Lebanese Army?

Again, not a rhetorical question. Of course not. You were not instructed to have an adrenaline rush with their deaths. None of them so-called army supporters remember Wissam Eid and
Francois el Hajj today.

When it comes to supporting the Lebanese Army, the matter is not an auction. It’s not “Min bi zid.” It is not blocking the highway illegally and not abiding by army instructions to break up the protest. It is not stopping everyone from going home after a long work day so you can shove your inexistant army love down their throats.

You want to support the army? How about you get your sons to join it for a year of voluntary service? I’m pretty sure those people were the same people who worried nights on end about their sons going to obligatory military service back when it was instilled. How about you donate money that you made at work as a normal citizen?

Alas, I forgot this is Lebanon. Go hard or go home. Burn tires or don’t protest. Block roads or don’t do anything at all – regardless of what the cause is. Army supporter? Army hater? They are all the same mold: people who wait for a word from their corresponding leader to take it to the streets all while thinking they are doing this out of free will.

The Lebanese people are airheads. The country is brain dead. The only people who haven’t protested yet are Greenpeace. They are still waiting on green-friendly tires.

13 thoughts on “How Some Lebanese “Support” the Lebanese Army

  1. I was against opening the roads yesterday. The army only asked for them to open because he can do that with the people protesting.
    Neis bsamne w neis bzeit.


  2. And of course, the 3 people above did not answer the bloggers question. They did not explain how blocking the road helps the army. They did not answer why this compassion for the army have not been shown in all the incidents above. They just wrote short answers with no meaning. Because they can’t answer. That simple.


  3. Everytime I start writing a comment on this post, I end up deleting it. I have mixed feelings about the situation… so I’d rather not comment. However, you do deserve a thank you for not forgetting and always remembering what a lot of people tend to forget (or simply disregard)
    So thank you Elie !


  4. The people burning those tyres, for the sake of the Lebanese Army, are not using their brains. If we want to stand by our Army, all we need to do is stand by them and I mean physically. Support them with our presence, with our respect and love. We don’t need to burn tyres and make a stink and pollute our air, it doesn’t get us anywhere. It’s time for the Lebanese people to use their brain for their benefit and the benefit of our army to write petitions, signed and sent to the President himself. We should start in every area and town in Lebanon. We should support our Army, by saying good morning to these young men with a smile on our faces and a ‘Yaatikoun El Affee, Ya Shabab’, we can support them by obeying their orders with respect. We can support our army by pushing the government in giving them a higher wage, after all we cause the fighting and our boys are the ones being killed. We can support our soldiers by picking them up as they wait to go home or to their service on the roads of lebanon either in the hot searing su or the cold wet days of lebanon. No, my friend I have not forgotten Francois El Hajj, Wissam Eid, Samer Hanna or any of the other young soldiers and officers who were killed all over Lebanon, over these many years. They are our heroes for us being alive today. God Bless our Lebanese Army, Keep them safe for their families and country, away from harm.



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