Ramadan Kareem. Now Help the Syrian Refugees

Ramadan Kareem to all my Muslim leaders. I hope it will be a blessed month for you and your families and may your fasting be accepted and hopefully accompanied by good deeds.

A devout Muslim friend of mine told me yesterday that the month of Ramadan is all about being as good a person as you can: to do well upon others. It’s not only about not eating from sunrise to sundown. And it that’s the only thing you do during Ramadan, then you’re not doing it right.

And if there’s one good deed that Muslims and Christians alike should do these days, regardless of whether they’re Ramadan or July for you, is to help out the 20,000 or so Syrian refugees that have come into our land, escaping the fights in Damascus and Syria. The numbers are not exact and there’s no way to truly make sure of them.

But regardless of the number, those are the same people that helped out some of our people back in the July 2006 war when they escaped the Lebanese South and the Bekaa into Syria. It’s probably high-time to repay them, regardless of their political stance from the revolution (pro or against the regime.) Our government has forbade hospitals from providing emergency healthcare for all Syrian refugees.

So for the Muslims of the Bekaa, let your fasting be accompanied by this good deed and help out those refugees who are homeless and fasting underneath the insufferable sun. For the Christians in the Bekaa, open up your homes because that is what a good Christian is all about: helping others.

For once, I hope so-called religious people don’t stop at the crust of their corresponding religion and actually delve a little deeper.

For my Muslim readers and friends, I hope your fasting goes smoothly in this heat.

Ramadan Kareem again.

2 thoughts on “Ramadan Kareem. Now Help the Syrian Refugees

  1. Amen to every word.Allow me to express my deepest respect to your honorable and moral values that are getting so increasingly rarefied nowadays..For once,a Lebanese who recognizes the hospitality offered by the Syrians people in 2006.
    Someone said:”The only people with whom you should try to get even are those who have helped you”.Now is the time to show our solidarity and humanity.
    Ramadan Kareem



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